Nokia 3600 slide red – smart usage can do wonders to enhance your personality

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The overall performance of the mobile phone is much augmented if it is used smartly. The elegant usage of the handset also adds more to your personality. To get more from your phone, you have to more familiar with the operating mechanism of it's components like how to click a picture efficiently with the camera and how to use the handset stylishly.

Some tips are here for you for using the camera efficiently for snapping the pictures

For clicking steady images, don't press the Capture option as it may cause the handset to shift from the exact location at the time of capturing picture. The more efficient method to click the pictures is adjusting some delay before snapping out the picture. Go to the camera active tool bar and then choose self timer and then select the time you need to keep the hands stable.

Taking pictures in horizontal landscape mode, in case you want to capture the picture in landscape mode, and then bring the camera in active mode, then select options and then choose the landscape format. Now the pictures being clicked are automatically converted into the horizontal format when you see them later. To go back to the normal portrait mode, chose the Portrait Format from Options.

Make adjustments in lighting when clicking the pictures, the customers are facilitated with the adjustments in the white balance according to the background of sight. Firstly disable the flash light, bring the camera in active mode and then select White balance from Options. Now you can choose among the list displayed depending upon the indoor and outdoor environs. The users can also select Auto if they desire the colors to be accustomed automatically.

You can employ your phone to enhance your personality by utilizing all functions of the handset appropriately. Have the benefit of Noise cancellation utility for attending the calls in rugged places, have some personal shortcuts for the speedy accessing to regularly used functions. Set some passwords to protect your memory card and use Hide Bluetooth option if you don't want other compatible phones to discover your device.

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