No One Can Ever Take Your Place

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It's always hard to fit in other people's shoes. First and foremost, one must understand that you might tackle the issues or uncover the same secret but the truth of the matter is - no one can repeat the same feat others have achieved. Second, everybody is created uniquely from one another. However, not everybody can understand this natural way of dealing with each person's individuality especially with people who have to fill a place.

In the season ender of of Charmed's third TV installment, Prue and Piper faced the Source's deadly assassin Shax. It was because of this that Prue, the eldest and the most powerful witch died. With this, the power of three was enfeebled. Aside from the the terrible fear and anxiety the remaining two, Piper and Phoebe have upon losing a sister, they also became very anxious with the destiny of the Charmed Ones. Without Prue, they couldn't use their power to its maximum potential. However, Phoebe, which was known for being headstrong and very hopeful, still believed in their destined greatness.

In the opening of the fourth season, a funeral service was given to Prue in homage to her. In this grievous moment, an unfamiliar office girl went to Phoebe, saying that she received a premonition concerning the fair complexioned lady. This female happened to be Paige Mathews, their half-sister who would help them reconstitute the power of three. Penelope, their motherhad a child with her whitelighter, Sam. With fear and anxiety, they were forced to give up Paige because witches are not allowed to have a relationship with their whitelighters.

Eventually, after a series of convincing Paige to join their Wiccan cause, they managed to reconstitute the power of three. As prophesied, Paige will have the power of telekinesis, however, because because she's part whitelighter, her magic became telekinetic orbing. A ability to move things however, they would first take the form of orbs or little lights.

Everything, however, didn't go easy with Paige's inclusion as one of the Charmed Ones. Firstly, she had a very traumatic past, her parents' grueling car accident, which hindered her in fulfill her duties as a good witch. But in the end, she managed to get over all the fear and anxiety she felt.

Also, as Prue's replacement, she knew that she has to fill in a great responsibility. Adding to that, Piper, which was Prue's closest sister despised her at first because she believed that no one will ever replace Prue. This condition, as according to medical studies is called performance anxiety - the overwhelming apprehension to perform. With these, her first attempts in fulfilling her Wiccan duties was disastrous. No matter how intensely she dish it out, everybody would just regard her as "second great" or a "struggling copycat." Instead of being an asset to the group, she occasionally blow things up, thus, these frustrating scenarios further fuel her cynicism brought about her performance anxiety.

At this juncture, she almost gave up on being a witch. Despite of her blunders, Phoebe, who was once the youngest supported her and encourage her to push through. This act of encouragement gave her enough spunk to get over her performance anxiety and eventually became a "part" of the Charmed Ones.

She learned that she is never meant to double or relive Prue's part in the Charmed greatness destiny, she just need to play her part - which is a crucial parcel of the Charmed package.

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