Nintendo 3D Launch Games

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One of the pre launch Nintendo 3DS games, is Dead or Alive Dimensions developed by Siliconera While there are still not a lot of Nintendo 3DS games available at release, we are hearing about some great new tools and plenty to keep you occupied while other titles are being released.

It has been reported widely on the 'net that Team Ninja discussed a few of the features of one of the new Nintendo 3DS games, 'Dead or Alive Dimensions'. The creators have included a very smart and (beneficial innovation by making use of the bottom screen to show sparring combo specs. Super Street Fighter 4 has customisable attack moves but 'Dead or Alive Dimensions' displays a complete rundown of sparring and fighting combinations. Rather than relying on your memory for these combinations, you can easily have them on the.

'Players will be able to touch on the screen to execute a tech right there and then.' There were questions asked of Hayashi about the soon to be released Nintendo 3DS gyrscopic sensors and the supposed 'jiggly' sensation that has been reported to be experienced when playing. Hayashi replied in a typically cryptic manner “We are taking full advantage of 3DS functions.

As an addition to the stable of
Nintendo 3DS games, "Dead or Alive Dimensions" will be really popular. 'Dead or Alive Dimensions' has a tag fighting feature that lets players to move backwards and forwards for fight moves and you can even attack simultaneously (if you get the timing right!). Within the tag feature you can use special throws that are only available to certain combinations of players. An unusual feature for the fighting style of game, Dead or Alive Dimensions, lets as many as 4 people in the pair attack mode.
Nintendo recently released a list of 18 games that can be used with the 3DS system. More titles will be available for release and will be coming out later in the year.
There are a number of different Nintendogs & Cats titles for variety.
Games like Rayman are available as well as favourites Super Street Fighter iv and Dead or Alive Dimension.
Sims 3DS will be released at the launch and many gamers are very excited at its inclusion.
3DS will release 18 games at launch with more to come and have brought in a fantastic console for attack move combinations. You can use the lower screen on the new Nintendo 3DS console, Nintendo now show the attack combos of pair plays so you won't have to remember them in future.

"Dead or Alive Dimensions" and "Super Street Fighter 4" are href="">Nintendo 3DS games that you can buy release. Pre order Nintendo 3DS for your area

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