Nikon D3100 Review - Read This Before You Buy This Camera

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Remarkably, the movie features on the Nikon D3100 has been supports continuous AF, so no longer need to adjust focus manually while recording video.

Comes with a kit lens AF-S 18-55mm VR, D3100 camera also features a line of other great features, such as ISO max 12800 and EXPEED 2 engine processor. Nikon D3100 review shows sensor on the digital SLR is already wearing CMOS sensor with 14 MP resolutions. D3100 offers 11 point flexible AF, plus LCD display 3-inch with 230k pixels resolution. It can be said Nikon D3100 is digital SLR that the most loaded feature ever created by Nikon.

The existence of a rapid increase in the D3100, in the future could be Nikon just rely on one product to fill the beginner segment, which is D3100 Nikon. The D3100 is not equipped with elaborate external controls so that still look simple with a few buttons. Nikon D3100 performance generates maximum shutter speed of 1 / 4000 seconds and burst 3 frames per second.

In general, Nikon D3100 DSLR is semi-professional digital SLR cameras. The availability of advanced features and easy to use, then this camera is perfect for the beginner or hobbyist photography.

The Nikon D3100 represents an amazing feat of balance and restraint. With this camera, Nikon have managed to produce a superb quality digital SLR and sell it at a price which is reasonable and affordable. In fact, in many ways it is hard to tell apart the D3100 from professional quality (and pro-priced DSLR cameras).

It's closest rival is the Canon Eos Rebel T2i (sold as the Eos 550D in the UK). I believe the Nikon D3100 has the upper hand over the Canon. Rather than buy in to the "let's see how many megapixels we can cram on to the sensor" race, Nikon have focussed (pun intended!) their attention of building a camera that produces stunning images.

Careful thought seems to have gone in to what makes a good camera. Anything surplus to requirements has been thrown out. Which is a group of the best liked cameras introduced to consumers in 2010

The Nikon D3100 has a suggested retail price that might not drain your bank account, yet it has abilities far beyond other camera in this price range. Including some cameras which cost a good deal more. The Nikon D3100 14.2 mp digital SLR updates the earlier model in this Nikon series.

Merchant statistics prove that this D 3100 model is the European Union's #1 selling digital single lens reflex camera. So did I need a new camera? Not at all... While my Nikon works just fine, and it's just a few years old, it is so outclassed now by this new Nikon D3100 that I don't want to use it any more! The Nikon that I have, which cost, at the best price that I could find just 3 years ago, $250 -300 more than this Nikon D3100 costs today.

This new Nikon D3100 is fast and light, and is quickly proving that this is the perfect camera for an amateur photo enthusiast, or a more professional full- time photographer alike. While quality and results are two factors that drive those who are professionals and non professionals alike to spend the money for the Nikon D3100.

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