Nikon D300s Review

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The Nikon D300s: what a fantastic machine. This camera really does everything and I'm pretty excited to make a Nikon D300s review.

One of the most popular and practical things about it is its extremely durable and weather-proof body. This thing can go anywhere and take pictures of pretty much anything you want it to take. Iíve taken pictures in rain, dropped it (I know I was so ashamed of myself), and lotís of other things and it has withstood all of it like a champ. So there's a bit of information on the body, I figured any good Nikon D300s review would be incomplete without it.

The video capabilities are also pretty good; although that isnít the main reason people buy the camera. The high burst speed and low light resolution make for some great quality video. The 12.3 megapixel image sensor allows for very high quality images and low noise photographs.

Nikonís Active-D Lighting is also a great feature. This optimizes the light and shadow in the photograph in real time, allowing you to take high quality pictures without having to worry too much about the background lighting in the picture. This is a huge convenience when you just want to take a quick picture or when you see a good photographic opportunity in an awkward lighting situation.

The 18-200 lens is the lens that comes with this camera and is actually a great lens. Of course one of the great things about Nikon is the interchangeability of its parts, and the Nikon D300s is no different. However, you really might not even want another lens because the default one is pretty good already. Although I didn't include a lot of information about the lens in this Nikon D300s review, that's because there is a ton of information elsewhere.

Battery life is good and you can probably get 800-900 shots off pretty easily. One of the most talked about aspects of the D300s is crazy amount of features and settings on this camera. You will probably spend a good amount of time just getting used to all of the settings on here and after a while youíll feel like an expert.

Getting used to all of the settings and figuring this camera out is half the fun and will allow you to really get to know it and take some fantastic pictures. Iíve heard a lot of people that say that the manual that comes with the camera isnít quite user friendly enough, so you may want to think about getting a companion manual for it; they are sold all over the place. However I think a lot of people, like me, will enjoy trying to find and get used to all of the features on their own. But just in case you do want all the information you can get, those companion guides are a good choice.

Alright so now you have an idea of what the Nikon D300s can do. To get a great idea of whether or not you would like to purchase this camera, check out the full Nikon D300s review.

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Carter is an avid photographer and has a passion for taking pictures. He is very knowledgeable about many types of cameras and this has been his biggest hobby for years now.His favorite camera by far is the Nikon D300s and you can decide whether or now you would like to own this fantastic camera by checking out his in depth Nikon D300s review.
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