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There are many people looking for news around the world today. As the information age continues to expand, there are many people who are looking for other ways to get the news. The mainstream American media does not always cover all of the world events, so there is still a major void in the media for people looking for alternate media sources. Not everyone cares about the latest Lindsay Lohan arrest or the latest Charlie Sheen outburst, and many people want to know what is really happening in Israel. The 2012 presidential campaign is almost here, and everyone is waiting to see who the candidates will be. Here are some of the major sources for news around the world today.
Fox News is perhaps the most powerful news organization in the world today. Their viewership on television is higher than CNN and MSNBC combined, and they claim to have commentators that represent both points of view. Many former anchors of other networks have moved over to Fox News, and they are trusted more than the other cable news networks. While Fox News does have great coverage, they spend a little too much time on stories about celebrities. They are a decent source of news around the world today. If you are someone that loves great political news sources, there are better options available. News
CNN is the oldest news division among the major American cable news networks, but their viewership is down considerably over the last few years. still receives over 20 million hits a month, so they get plenty of traffic to their sites. They are not a great source of great conservative news. Even though they claim to represent both sides of the political spectrum, they tend to have a more liberal slant. News
They are well known for liberal news. They have made it clear that they support Democrat candidates. They never represent conservative news, and the lack of traffic on MSNBC is evidence of this. They get a small fraction of the traffic that CNN and gets every day. is a great source of great conservative news around the world today. They have a huge focus on conservative news commentary, and they are one of the top conservative news sources today. They are well known for conservative blogs and political cartoons. They don’t spend a lot of time covering the latest celebrity news, but they tell you what you need to know about your politicians. is very similar to, but they come at issues from more of an editorial perspective. They provide great opinions for news around the world today for those people that come from a conservative frame of mind.

When it comes to getting your news around the world today, be sure to check out other news sites besides,, and MSNBC. This will give you a more complete perspective on the world that is not driven by television ratings or big profits. The days of cable news supremacy are over with all of the new sources of information available today.

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