News - Beneficial or Beneficiary?

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News writers, do they really want to convey information, or simply want to earn? This is the question frequently asked by the thinking public. Another big question here is "Who benefited who?". Do we benefit from them, or they are the ones that benefit from us? Some news writers nowadays tend to exaggerate news for sensationalism rather than becoming vehicles of information. How many are those who are willing to risk their lives for the sake of dispersing precise news to us, like war chroniclers? Compared to those who mend information for monetary benefit? Today, the Journalist's Creed is almost forgotten by our newsmen and fail to deliver the right information.

The news plays a great role in our everyday life. Without it, we can not know what's happening in our surroundings locally or globally. It is the very tool that helps us hear the voice of the world and everything happening around it. If not delivered properly, people will have a wrong understanding about what's really happening and worst, there is a possibility to make wrong judgments about a certain event. That is why, the role of journalists are very important. They serve as our eyes and ears on everything. Insurance news, political news or any types of news, these are some examples of the kinds of information that are being sent to us.

We, as recipients, should have an open mind about the things that we hear. We should not be too judgmental on the things that reaches our awareness. Why? Because being too conclusive can have negative impacts to our personality. There are some people who can be greatly affected by what the news delivers, these people are mostly known as news enthusiasts. These people are mostly composed of critics.

There are also a lot of tools being used in order to deliver information to the people. One of the best tool used is the television. The television delivers news in a manner that is very easy to understand because everything is already shown to us. Another common instrument is the news paper. The news paper is like a print out of every event that happened in the whole world. The only difference is, you have to read it, not just look at it. Sadly, newspaper readers are decreasing in number, why? Because they made way to the major deliverer of news which is the internet. From the internet we can learn many things. Not only news but great loads of stuff about everything. Just do not trust all the sites that much because there are some that also manipulates information and not all of the news that you get is true.

Realizing all these facts, it is somehow disappointing that some journalists fail to establish their code of ethics. Well, that is reality and we can't do anything about it. The lesson here is, we should not give our hundred percent trust to the news that we hear specially if it is too unbelievable. That's why brains are given to us, for us to think and study whether we are receiving the right information or not.

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