Newest Version Of 4th Generation Mobile Coming Now

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Another version of 4th Generation Cell Phone appeared the Shenzhen market, the manufacturers named OSCAR S-7. Apple is currently using the 4th generation of intelligent systems are basically plug-ins using the WM system OS4 interface to achieve, which a machine is no exception.

Speaking from the appearance of this machine to imitate the appearance of the 4th Generation Smart Phone level showes that up to 90%, the whole shape is like to the small details in other places there are some differences. Dimesions, length 115 mm, width 60 mm, 9 mm thin. Whole glass front and rear panels are used, the LCD uses a 3.5-inch 320X480 screen resolution, Sharp original capacitance, and supports multi-touch, touch experience very well.

Top of the machine not only has the power button and 3.5MM interface, manufacturers in the SIM card slot at the top of the machine, people suspected the motherboard 3GS sets had a IP4 shell. Also a small hole next to the top of the handset, light sensor? From the sensor? Is actually a decoration, ha ha.

The bottom of the design acceptable, data port and the real machine general. But 2 speakers hole, seemingly not to force ah, open the hole is relatively small.

The left side of the fuselage volume adjustment buttons and mute switch button. Right side of the SIM card slot has opened a hole, manufacturers win, which is a decoration. Well, next to the LED camera flash is also a decoration. .

System menu interface made to imitate the good. Each icon is very delicate. There are actually multi-task management menu.

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