New York Beauty Pageants

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The state of New York is indeed full of ironies. Folks refer to it as 'The Empire State', a home to a large number of skyscrapers and freeways, but it just cannot be left out when listing states with a thriving cultural tourism sector. It is true that New Yorkers have this extreme liking to businesses and well, anything that is related to commerce, however, they are not at all apathetic when it comes to contests that cater to art and beauty appreciation like beauty pageants too. The fact of the matter is, New York is actually quite a successful state at Miss USA. Surprising, yes, but that is what New York is - a state that never fails to surprise people, even the strict and intimidating members of the Miss USA jury.

For the unknowing reader, it is important to mention here that New York was actually the first state to win the Miss USA title and thus, represent USA in the first Miss Universe pageant. Jackie Loughery went on to win Miss USA in 1952 and placed ninth all-in-all at Miss Universe. During the following years, New York was not able to make the same 'high' achievement but was able to make up for it by placing well in the runner up slots.

Generally, New York is considered as one of the most successful states at the Miss USA, Aside from Jackie Loughery's achievement, New York also had an unbroken string of 'high' placements from 1957 to 1966 and a streak of three consecutive 1st runner up placements from 1972 to 1974. Some of the names that made New York (and technically, the whole of America) proud include Jackie Loughery (1952), Mary Therese Friel (1979), Shanna Moakler (1995) and Kimberly Pressler (1999). Those New York ladies that have received runner-up placings at Miss Universe include Karin Hultman (2nd, 1954), Arlene Nesbitt (4th, 1959), Mary Rodites (1st, 1960), Alexa Currey (3rd, 1961), Barbara Cooper (1st also Miss Photogenic, 1974), Susan Carlson (1st, 1973) and Alberta Phillips (1st, 1972).

All these prove that when it comes to beauty of women, New York can most certainly compete with other more 'showbiz' states. And take note, compete well.

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