New Services And Changes Within The Call Center Industry Of The Philippines

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The call center industry in the Philippines have significantly changed compared in the past. Before the introduction of outsourced call center agencies in the Philippines, such as Sykes, Convergys, eTelecare, and many others, the call center industry in the Philippines were only providers of email response and managing services. Today, however, their services have significantly changed compared in the past.

New call center services
From email response and managing services, the call center industry have expanded to included a number of new services, mostly related to customer relations such as travel services, technical support, education, customer care, and financial services.

However, other than these services, a number of outsourced call center agencies in the Philippines have also opened and introduced a number of new services other than customer relations, this includes Business Answering Service such as online business to customer support and online business to business support.

But because of the recent changes in services, many of the biggest call center agencies in the Philippines, including those mentioned above, a number of changes have been made their requirements. Because most of these companies involves a Business Answering Service , they would normally require applicants with background experience or educational background in business management. However, other than their requirements, their recruitment processes have also changed significantly.

New changes in call center recruitment
Other than the required skills to get the job, applicants should also be as competitive as other are. This is because recent changes in recruitment processes have made the industry a lot more competitive. These new recruitment processes may include, but not limited to:

Phone screening - Done mostly to determine the voice quality of the applicant.
Initial interview - Used to assess an applicant's speaking skills, attitude, as well as howconfident the applicant responds to questions.

Examination - Done after the initial interview, this may involve aptitude tests, computer-based call simulations and emotional quotient (EQ) or aptitude tests. This, together with phone screening and initial interview can also be done from a an outsourced staffing firm.
Final interview - The most important part. Because many of today's call center agencies offer Business Answering Service , this final interview is mostly done to assess an applicant's customer service, technical, or sales skills.

The industry of call center today
Though the recent global recession have caused a lot of problems in the call center industry of the Philippines, the industry is still known as one of the biggest and fast growing industry in the Philippines.
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