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Movies Newly Released This Week to DVD and Fun Flicks on the Premium Channels

I went to the video store last night expecting to rent three movies to watch over the next few days. The anticipation of renting these new releases had been building for some time and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. I zoomed through the door and straight to the shelf where I expected to find the film that was at the top of my list. All that I saw was the same old movies they had on the shelf last week. I was slightly baffled at first until I thought about what the date was and realized that these three flicks don’t come out until next week! I was still in denial and decided to confirm it with the clerk who was stocking DVDs next to me. “That’s right”, he said, “Next week is ‘the’ week but we have a few other movies that just came out that don’t look too bad”. As disappointed as I was, I was already there, so why not check something out that I normally wouldn’t watch.

This is not the hugest week at video stores as far as new releases are concerned. Pirate Radio starring Philip Seymour Hoffman was released as well as Tenderness, an independent film starring Russell Crowe and Defendor with Woody Harrelson. Although Philip Seymour Hoffman is an amazing actor, the most interesting of the three seemed to be Tenderness.

Russell Crowe is a police detective who is determined to track down a serial killer by the name of Eric Komenko played by Jon Foster (The Door In the Floor). Komenko is handsome and charming but is actually a monster undercover. He murdered two people in his own family and Lt. Cristofuoro is out on the prowl to be sure that he doesn’t become a danger to anyone else. In the meantime, Komenko is free and off to Syracuse to meet a girl that he met when he was locked up in detention. The girl was once a victim of abuse and embarks on a psychologically twisted relationship with a possible serial killer. I decided to give this movie a try and will most likely watch it Thursday night, so I’ll keep you posted.

Pirate Radio is not necessarily my cup of tea, though I’m sure that folks who are looking for simple entertainment and a little rebellion may find it interesting. It focuses on eight DJ’s during the 60’s that broadcast their radio show from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and went against the rules of the British government. You can be sure that the acting won’t be bad and the DVD cover looks very enticing.

I have to admit that if anyone has a remote chance of pulling off the role of Defendor, it’s Woody Harrelson. This bizarre film is sure to break you free of the norm for a few hours. Defendor, a.k.a. Arthur Poppington, is a traffic director by day and superhero by night (at least in his own mind). He goes on a hunt for who or what he refers to as “Captain Industry and is determined to take him out. He wears tights and duct tapes the letter “D” to his jersey and gets involved in a whole new world- the underworld.

By: Francis David

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