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With the fast-changing features of technology, polling should also evolve. From time to time, new features come out to adapt to the upgrading features of mobile phones and laptops.
In the market, there are dozens of polling software that offer new features. One of them is Poll iT from New Media Services.
Nowadays, we can have a poll without response options. We can use fill-in-the-blank format questions. Example is this: “__________ sucks.” In this poll, choices are unlimited. The polling software gathers all answers, classifies them and shows the result who or what “sucks”.
Another is new appearances of polls. If in the past, there were limited fonts, today we have new and better-looking fonts and marks. We can also add some customized graphics to entice respondents to answer.
Images and videos can now be inserted to give better viewing. This new feature is needed when the topic is about a certain video or picture. Thus, we can copy videos from Youtube and insert it in the poll for our respondents’ convenience.
New polling software also automatically captures the e-mail address and full name of respondents. This eases the host business to know who participated in the poll.
Computer software also has the ability to count who viewed the poll and who participated. It can also track what browser, if it is Google Chrome, Yahoo or other popular browsers, was used by a specific respondent in viewing the poll.
Some polls have special effects like pop-up graphics. These graphics appear after a respondent clicked his answer, saying “thank you” to the respondent with some notes on how to know results of the poll.
For the host of polls, some software offers “filter” tool. After automatically registering all information about the respondents, the host can trim down the list depending on their age, sex, location, etc, for any purpose. Example, the host filters all respondents who are 50 years old and above because he likes to send invitations for his insurance company orientation.
Some software also permits all data to be automatically pasted in spreadsheets, e-mails and other documents. For sure, this eases the copy-and-paste activity of secretaries!
Results can also be posted automatically in other websites related to the main website conducting the poll. Visiting the main webpage is no longer needed to know the results. In just a glimpse, respondents can learn about the results through their account in any social networking sites.
Another latest feature promotes nationalism. It gives an option to the respondent what language to use. This may affirms that not all people understand English and most people are comfortable answering questions written in their own native tongue.
Nowadays, we have what we call support system. Respondents can receive some e-mails and newsletters related to the poll. This gives respondents more information about the poll and it creates an impression that the poll is too serious.
Some businesses use independent companies that are specializing in setting up polls. Polling companies can supervise polls 24/7 minimize traffics for on-time updates.
Another exciting feature that people love is the existence of incentives. This offer gifts and free downloads to respondents if they complete the survey.
When money is involved, respondents need to give information on their bank account if in case they win. However, this is subjected to legal discussions.
Those are just some of the latest features that polling software and companies offer. These will be innovated again the next years for sure.
New technology means new ways how to conduct polls. Polling companies come up with more and more features that will improve polling and will bring more luxury and convenience to respondents. With these changes, one thing has not and will never change: polling is part of the business’s success.

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