New Generation Touch Screen Mobile LG KP500

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LG's marketing intelligence team toiled hard to know about user perceptions on touch screen phones and came to the conclusion that most people want to try the latest touch screen phones but keep away because of its hefty price tag. The phone supports quad-band GSM and has a 3-inch wide touch screen. It has also got an Active Flash UI like the TouchFLO, accelerometer helping to auto-rotate, QWERTY layout keyboard and support for motion sensor games.

LG KP500 fares well on the camera front with a decent 3-megapixel sensor. The 'affordable' price is a mystery which will be known on the launch when it will land first in Europe next month followed by the remaining countries. LG KP500 will not work with at&ts 3G sim card, it wokrs with old at&t / cingular sim card that doesnt say 3g on the back of the sim card.

Get in touch with this fun device From LG we get the KP500 an affordable handset with touch screen technology that doesn't skimp on great features. As with all the latest touch screen devices, the LG KP500 is part of a new generation of phones that dedicate themselves to interactivity with the user and allowing for a new form of communication. Games, texting, and calling take on a new form of input.

Touchscreen technology is the next level of interactivities between the user and the mobile device. In order to facilitate this, when the phone is held horizontally, the landscape QWERTY keyboard is enable which allows the user to type just like they would if they had a keyboard on hand. To demonstrate this phones ability to entertain, many of the games rely on turning, shifting, or flipping the phone to maneuver the game environment. A fun gaming experience is guaranteed with this never-before seen level of interaction. Proving that LG KP500 is a phone designed for fun there are is a selection of games immediately available.

Getting on touch with close friends has never been easier. In the user interface there is an option to link up pictures and numbers in order to offer the ability to call someone just by clicking on their picture. The user interface is optimized so that the people will have an easy time adapted to the tactile operations. Visit and purchase on online

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