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Skin is the most important sensory organ of human body. We feel emotions of our loved ones by the means of touching our skins, rubbing it and then feeling the deep emotions lies beneath it. Human body shines and attracts others by means of its attire and the color of its skin posses. Skin enables us to feel the heat of the summer, sweet cold of winters and the drops of the rain. So it becomes necessary for all of us to do well care of our skin and it is our Prime concern to know about the issues that matters for our skin. Whereas massage is the way by which our whole british virgin island,relaxed and especially for our skin which get a new life from Massage gives relief from body pain as well as provide mental calmness too.
Skin problems and its remedies
Whiteheads- it is a type of tiny white spots or strings that happens to be on our face specially around eyes ,on the nose and with ear joints, due to the trapped dead cells behind our skin which appears to be white.
Remedies- flake off your face twice a week with a soft brush and use a good quality of cleanser.

Use cleanser which contain glycolic acid or salicylic acid and wash your face twice a day with it for better results. Also apply a moisturizer that has vitamin A, C or E. As whitehead becomes worst in sunlight so wear a good sunscreen.
Pigmentation- In simple words it means coloring. Pigmentation disorder can damage the color of our skin. It happens due to genetically, pregnancy, some kind of medication, oral contraception etc .it tends to appear on upper lips, nose and chin areas.
Underarm darkness- this problem occur due to changes or constant friction of skin(especially of neck area due to jewelry ) etc. Some home remedies are: take a well ripped papaya mash it and apply gently on your face for 10 minutes after that wash it off. Slice a lemon, sprinkle sugar on it and rub the affected area with it.
Remedies- Oil and cream containing cocoa butter and vitamin E performs better for removal of stretch marks on body. Eating a healthy diet of fresh fruits and green vegetables will improve the curing the most common areas to get affected by it are thigh, abdomen, upper arm etc. cellulite affect both fat and thin people.

Dandruff- It is the most common skin problem of teenagers and adult either men or women. Dandruff is a white colored oily dead skin that causes etching problem. It can be causes by dry skin , eczema ,cold weather or sensitivity of skin to weather. Dandruff may have bad odor too.
Massage therapy: way to rejuvenate your body
If you are working in a more competitive british virgin island,a tense environment ,so that you donít have time and situation to relax your life for sometimes. And if regular stress and body pain becomes the part of your daily life ,you wants to get rid of it but you donít have time for proper care of your body, then british virgin island, is what you needed for your mind and body .

How it works-
Massage therapy applies the process of kneading and pressure to the skin and muscle to relieve tension out of it. Therapist uses their hand and fingers to apply the technique of massaging. It is an ancient form of healing used by the people of India , China , Japan and Arab nations to cure their body pain and some internal ailments. There are various types of massage
Benefits Ė
Scientist have done research to prove that this therapy works good for reliving tension from the muscle, maintain blood pressure by minimizing anxiety ,can lower the depression and control the heart rate too. Over all benefits shows that one must have to go through massage therapy to boost their internal strength of body and makes it an easy way to get rid of body ache and tension.

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