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"I love Tuesdays for the most obvious of reasons…. New Movie Tuesdays! In case you don't already know - new movie releases normally hit the shelves on Tuesdays. This Tuesday is like the buffet line for movie goers - tons of new releases sure to hit your specific movie preference. Here's the run down:

startrek1. Star Trek (also available in Two-Disc Digital Copy Edition)

I used to watch the original Star Trek series with my dad as a little girl… to be honest I always thought they were a little dull (just my personal opinion). However, when the new one hit theaters it sure didn't disappoint. It was action packed, HOT actors, a great storyline and I even enjoyed how they tied in this new Star Trek to the older ones (instead of just remaking them with the same old storyline we've all watched at some point in our lives). The second I left the theater I made sure to call up my Dad, it was a definitely MUST See for him. I've already purchased a copy of this DVD and a second to add to my Dad's stocking this Christmas. If you're the kind that likes action, a little comedy, and a good story this is a great watch.

sisterskeeper2. My Sister's Keeper
Let me just start by saying if you buy this buy a box of tissues to go with it. I read the book on vacation a few years back. I laughed and cried right along side the characters in the book. The movie gets you to do the same. The only downside to me was that they left so much out of the book, which left a few of the characters (like the dad and brother) lacking in the movie. It's still a good watch, however I wish they didn't take so much away from the book (but isn't that how it goes with almost every book turned movie?). Either way - I still picked up a copy of this one. If you're in the mood for a good movie to snuggle up and cry with - this is the one you're looking for.

bruno3. Bruno
I can't give you my personal review on this movie except that I wouldn't go see it in the theater, and I would never purchase this to be in my home. After his first hellacious movie Borat, I refused to never see another… Sorry, but I'm just not into having our younger generations exposed to the ridiculous scenes in these film - I think I'd lose brain cells jsut watching htem - no thanks. However, I've heard that if you liked Borat you'd like Bruno - more power to ya - I'll pass on these films.

howtobe4. How to Be
Watch Out everyone! Robert Pattinson's new movie just hit the shelves today. I haven't seen it yet, but it was the first movie I added to my Netflix que this morning. I even moved it to the top so that I'd get it this week. I am hoping that the movie is great however the only reason I've added it to my que is for the handsome - Edward Cullen - I mean, Robert Pattinson :) I didn't buy this movie right away for the simple reason that I never heard anything great about the movie - so rental it is - until it proves its worth. I'll let you know if it's worth the buy once I watch it.

blackdynamite5. Black Dynamite
A comedy set in the 70's where herion is taking over the streets. After the death of his brother, Balck Dynamite starts a war to keep the drugs off the streets
which begins the car chases, gun fights, and hilarious one liners (so I've been told). I haven't seen this movie yet, but it's at the top of my Netflix que. I've heard from others that this movie (thought may be cheesy in some parts) is hilarious. If you're looking for a cheesy funny movie - I'd suggest this as a rental (I"ll give it a buy review once I've seen it - but for now - it's just a rental).

thirst6. Thirst
I haven't heard much about this release as I would have liked to. It's another vampire film where they're looking for a cure.. a priest volunteers to help find a cure, but takes a turn for the worse. I haven't heard anything positive or negative on the film. My only downside is that it's language is completely Japanese so you'll be reading subtitles the entire time. I couldn't commit myself to buying this one, but I've added it to netflix as well - I just can't pass up another vampire movie ;)

That's about it for this weeks new DVD releases. Let me know which ones you picked up this week and your thoughts on them - I'd love to hear form you"

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