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Every cell phone calling plan is hyped as being different, but the new Buzzirk Mobile calling plan can really back that up! This plan doesn't use a cellular wave length like the rest of the plans; it uses the data portion of the bandwidth which allows for faster service and lower prices. And unlike typical telecommunications companies, Buzzirk is passing the savings on to the consumer!

Their plan has a set price of $79.95 per month with nothing extra to add even if you wanted to - because everything is included! There are 35 features such as call forwarding, call hunt, anonymous caller block and more. And calls, text messages, internet access and emails are all unlimited. If you just can't stand the thought of your cell phone bill being that low, you can add international calling to over 40 countries worldwide for an extra $10.00 per month.

Just imagine - you can use your phone any time of day or night and call anybody you want without worrying that your cell phone bill will put you in the poor house. And if you add the international feature, you can call your friends in another country without thinking about long distance costs or roaming charges.

As if all of this isn't enough - what makes this plan really different is that it comes with an opportunity to build an online business as well. With over two billion cell phone users worldwide, the market is huge. And with our struggling economy, almost everyone is trying to save money. The typical family pays around $178 per month for their cell phone calling plan, internet access and in home movie downloads - now all of these features and more are included for $79.95 per month. Smart consumers will be racing to sign up, and by sending them to your online store, you can earn commissions every month that they pay their bill.

To become a reseller of the Buzzirk Mobile calling plan as well as their cell phones and the business opportunity, is inexpensive and easy. The basic reseller plan costs $39.95 per month and the pro reseller plan is $99.95 per month. The pro plan opens the door to additional bonus opportunities.

Based on a 3x9 forced matrix, the direct sales compensation plan is built on a team concept. And with the "no-brainer" calling plan and high-tech cell phones plus the business opportunity, building a team fast is simple. Tell people they can save money on their cell phone bill, have all the features they might want and need, and get the fastest speeds available at the same time and watch them line up!

Buzzirk Mobile and its partners Zero1 Mobile and Global Verge, Inc. set out to design a calling plan and telecommunications company that was unique and would benefit the general public - and they certainly have!

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