Negative Calorie Diet

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When we hear the term diet, our assumption is similar to the hunger of fasting, but there is a diet that frees us to eat anything as long as we want to balance between calories + and calories - are known by the term Negative Calorie Diet. With our own diet to regulate your diet in accordance with our goals as: to slim down the body, fattening, or just maintain body condition in order to remain in ideal conditions. The basic principle is that every food contains calories, nutrients, vitamins & minerals. All such content requires the digestion process so that the food into a substance that the body needs. Are process also requires calories / energy. Similar to a debit & credit our savings, surpluses mean we are too fat, whereas if the deficit we will thin.

For example if we have lunch we eat food with 400 calories and food that requires 150 calories for digestion, so you save 250 calories in the form of fat. Based on the principle of this theory, if you have lunch with 100 calories and the content of these foods requires 150 calories to your digestive process so deficit and lack of experience will be taken from your body reserves / balances are usually in the form of fat and meat. This condition will benefit if we want more skinny.

We need to know that the negative calorie foods are not always bad, although all of the vegetable and fruit groups, no one from animal protein. So if we are too often eat the animal protein, we have to balance with high food negative calories, like carrots and papaya.
Services and Negative Calorie Food Products has been very rampant on the internet has to offer, whether in the form of eBooks or counseling services with the cost of about $ 20, quite cheap if you plan to lose weight.

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