Need for Unified Communication Solutions in Web Conferencing

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An efficient communication system is the backbone of every growing organisation. In India, small and medium sized firms compete with each other to become the market leader. To achieve this, one of the prime requirements is to have best-in-class communication infrastructure that gives them an edge over competitors.

With the advent of unified communication (UC), instant messaging (IM), email, voice mail, call centre Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be accessed from a single interface. Mission critical interactive tools and applications that are crucial for smooth workflow can be managed optimally by using solutions that support collaboration communication.

Small and medium sized businesses have specific requirements when it comes to web conferencing and need niche applications that can make communication effective. Organisations should ideally deploy solutions that are scalable, customisable and cater to their specific needs. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express is one of the solutions available. It is reliable and affordable and can bolster communication platforms for small and medium sized Indian companies.

Developed on Cisco Integrated Services Routers, this unified communication system is inclusive in nature and renders small PBX (Private Branch Exchange) potential to users. Furthermore, it is easy to install, customise as well as upgrade, making it an ideal platform to fulfil specific business needs of growing companies in India. Making use of innovative products from Cisco and other reputed companies, users gain flexibility. As a result, they can select different modes of receiving calls, exercise call control and access location and status of associates listed in contact sheets.

There are a few organisations in India that provide conferencing solutions and webinars for small and medium firms. The platforms offered are affordable and render high-end features like resilience and redundancy, which provide flexible functionality to users.

Site of installation is an important factor for companies that wish to deploy unified communication solutions within their premises. Presently, solutions that are readily available can be set up at a single location and thereafter, distributed to several sites. This feature is beneficial for growing firms that have various offices throughout India and want to have the same feature-rich collaboration communication platform at all its premises.

Another advantage of using these solutions is their simple setup process. As the solution can be administered centrally, there are almost no instance of downtime since it continually works towards identifying and solving issues. Therefore, companies that require extensive usage of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, having a unified communication platform that integrates such application results in better interaction with clients.

Some products even offer free conferencing, which becomes a potent tool for firms engaged in point-to-point conferencing with offshore and domestic clients. On the other hand, some unified web conferencing products allow users to record conferences. Therefore, small and medium sized firms can use the recordings as webinars and webcasts for streamlining online promotion and employee training.

Thanks to all these factors, collaboration communication solutions are increasingly used by companies across India for effective communication and increasing employees’ productivity.

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