Neck Liposuction: Remove the So-called Double Chin

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Men and women undergo artificial procedures like liposuction not only for aesthetic purposes. There are times that they consider liposuction not to look young and beautiful but to overcome discomfort and even embarrassment due to some flaws or imperfections.

For instance, many individuals consider neck liposuction not to look young or become more attractive but to reduce excessive fats from the neck. If you want to undergo neck liposuction just because of aging signs or because of rapid weight loss, there are alternative procedures for your problem such as face lift or filler injections.

In a neck liposuction surgery, the look of a double chin or jowls will be reduced as well. In fact, there is a misconception about having a double chin. A double chin is actually a neck problem; this is not a chin issue. It is due to excess fat in the area of the neck that is immediately between the chin, thus creating the appearance of an extra chin. When people tease you as to having double chin, you should not think that the problem is in your chin per se, it is the excessive fat in your neck which is the thing to be treated.

One way of removing the excessive fat in your neck is through neck liposuction. Neck liposuction Phoenix or neck lift can be performed under local anesthesia and can last around an hour. In the procedure, tiny incisions are made around the jaw line wherein a slender hollow tube or canulla is introduced. It creates small funnels in the layer of fat cells, making them easier to break down and remove through suction. The open incisions allow drainage of the solution used during the procedure, minimizing the appearance of swelling and bruising.

After the procedure of neck liposuction Scottsdale surgery, the patient is instructed to wear a compression bandage that is wrapped around the neck to hold the closed incision and to keep it swelling down. It is best to wear the compression bandage for the first few days to reduce the possible swelling and bruising of the neck.

Neck liposuction surgery can help you reduce the excessive fat in your neck which causes people to tease you of having a double chin. You can be proud of the results like you just had a Phoenix breast augmentation. And now that you have a firm and toned neck, you no longer have to overcome the embarrassment that you feel from other people’s teasing.

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