Neck and face lift combo for a more beautiful you

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Time can be a woman’s worst enemy. Sagging skin, deep wrinkles, drooping corners of the mouth, and thick bands of flesh on the neck are telltale signs of aging. If you have these, there is no more reason for you to feel unhappy about your appearance. A neck and face lift will take care of these problems for you.

Women looking to turn back the clock have found an ally in various cosmetic procedures. From minimally invasive treatments to surgeries that may take a few hours and involve downtime, these treatments have made countless women in their later years look and feel young again. The neck and face lift combo is an especially high in-demand cosmetic procedure because it gives a naturally younger look.

An obvious advantage of having both a neck and face lift is that you get to address two problem areas at the same time as opposed to having just a face lift (referred to as rhytidectomy in the medical world) and then a neck lift later. A face that looks smooth and taut would look unnatural if paired with a flabby or wrinkled neck. Turkey neck, otherwise called a double chin, is an obvious sign of aging and women who have double chins are perfect candidates for neck and face lift. The turkey neck is more apparent when viewed from the side. This is why some celebrities make it a policy to be photographed only on certain angles.

Another advantage is that, since these two procedures involve surgery, you will definitely need some time to recover. Having the neck and face lift combo in one go will shorten downtime so you can take as little time as possible off from work.

A neck and face lift separates the layers of skin muscle and fat, removes fat deposits, tightens underlying muscle and tissue, and removes excess skin. Those who are anxious about going under the scalpel may freak out at this, but after their doctor has fully explained the procedure and the benefits that will follow a neck and face lift, they are usually eager to start the treatment right away.

You will begin to notice improvements several days after the neck and face lift, but optimum results will generally become fully visible after the healing period. After the neck and face lift, satisfied patients are excited to show off their looks at every opportunity. They usually report that their only regret is that they didn’t have the neck and face lift much sooner.

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