Natural Tips For Gorgeous Looking Hair?

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If your mane has to be kept in good condition, it is not enough to oil it. Few people are not aware that simply applying oil will not let the roost absorb it. You must use heat therapy in order to ensure that the roots have absorbed it well. Take some olive, sesame or almond oil in a pan and heat it slightly. Ensure you are not using very hot oil, let it be warm. Use this on to your scalp and cover it up with a shower cap. You must then use a hot towel and keep it wrapped for half an hour. This will let the oil get absorbed properly. You may either oil it and leave it overnight if not you can wash it after half an hour.

Make use of the right shampoo which is suitable for your type - oily, medium and dry texture. You can use aloe Vera which is natural herb and leave the gel on for some time. Gently rinse it away with cool or luke warm water. Do not use hot water as high temperature affects your mane. You can make use of leave in conditioner after rinsing your follicles.

Products made out of herbs such as Jojoba, Rosemary and Sage must be used. You can choose shampoos with a base of any of these herbs. Aloe vera based shampoo is also a good tip. You must eat a lot of green leafy vegetables and vegetables rich in anti oxidants such as spinach etc. In order to keep your dry follicles moisturized you must use drink at least two liters of water every day.

If you want curly mane, try and avoid chemicals. Instead, use natural curlers and still look great. You must avoid hair sprays and other use of chemicals. Moreover, avoid using styling tools that generates heat because this can cause the color to fade fast. But if you really want to use of a heat appliance like a hair iron, opt for one that has an adjustable heat setting like an FHI hair straightener so you will be able to set the heat to a temperature that is ideal for colored hair, which is below 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Another useful advise from the experts is that hair should be relaxed no more than every three months.  While relaxing may make hair more manageable and easier to control, one misstep can cause terrible hair damage as well. All these tips go a long way in keeping your mane in good condition.

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