Natural Parenting: Going Back To Basics To Save Money

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Centuries before, large families were the norm.  William Shakespeare was one of eight children.  Benjamin Franklin was the tenth.  Tennyson, the poet, was one of twelve.  It took a lot of sacrifice and hard work to raise a large brood.  Nowadays, even with less number of children (around two and three) as the average, parents are finding it difficult to cope with the accompanying expenses of providing for their needs, even if they take out easy personal loans to stretch the household budget.  During these hard financial times, parents, particularly of small children, are going back to the basics and embracing natural parenting to save money and the planet.

What does "natural parenting" mean?  It means a return to the ways of earlier generations of parents, as well as other cultures that have natural approaches.  Think breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and making homemade baby food.  These practical ways can really stretch a couple's paycheck and would do the household budget good.  For those who are worried about making their payday cash loan last in times of financial crisis, here are some important budget savers to try.

Breastfeeding is a common and completely natural parenting practice.  It is known for its economic (no worries about the rising cost of baby formula), environmental (no lugging of bottles or worrying if these are made of non-toxic material), and developmental (it creates a bond between mums and babies) benefits.  Breastfeeding, indeed, saves cash and, to top it off, reduces environmental waste.  According to some recent research, it is estimated that parents can save over $1,000 in the first year of breastfeeding alone.

The next common and practical budget saver for parents taking care of newborn babies until they are toddlers is by using cloth diapers.  Many grandparents remember using them many years back, without a thought of hassles and stress.  There are many benefits to cloth diapers, not just for the checkbook and the environment, but more so for the babies.  Babies in cloth diapers have less diaper rash and they tend to potty train earlier.  Think about that kind of relief for parents!  Studies show that cloth diapers can easily save parents and their tight budgets the amount of $800 to as high as $1,600 per child per year.  Using these budget and eco savers would also help lessen the 10,000 tons of diapers dumped in landfills.

Another natural choice is to make homemade baby food by using a food processor to puree select produce.  Homemade baby food is healthier than processed products, which usually contain starchy and sugary fillers.  The cost savings is substantial.  Depending on the items, it will save parents up to half a dollar per 2.5-ounce bottle.  So, the next time that parents are worried how they can stretch their payday loans until the next fortnight, they should think of trying these tested natural parenting budget savers.

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