Natural Lip Balm

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Much lip service has been given to greener lifestyles, but what about greener service for your lips? Considering that even the most conscientious amongst us will end up licking our lips a few times a day, doesn't it make sense to be as proactive about what's on our mouths as what goes in them?

A new generation of natural lip balms has emerged to meet this need, but not all are as they appear. For instance, ever noticed that with certain lip glosses, the more you apply the more dry and irritated your lips become—how can anything that gloppy not be moisturizing? The answer is irritating chemicals that are combined with natural ingredients, creating a natural lip balm that isn't quite as natural as it seems.

There are some products that really do stick to a strict "all-natural" repertoire for their lip balms, but many offer a lackluster performance in terms of aesthetics. Even those natural lip balms that feature a range of shades tend to have grainy pigments that just look "off." And trying to layer a clear product with lipstick simply interferes with the balm's ability to nourish and the lipstick's ability to stay put—plus, who needs more steps in their routine?

Natural-Lip Balm's non-sticky, clean-wearing formula contains no petroleum, paraben, FD&C dyes or other irritating chemicals, instead using grapeseed oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter to moisturize naturally. A dose of Vitamin E keeps lips youthful, while extracts of oregano leaf, thyme, cinnamon bark, lavender and goldenseal root soothe, nourish and protect. A chemical-free UVA/UVB shield rounds out this best-in-show performer, which comes in five delicate shades. And their Natural-Lip Balm in clear doubles as a secret-weapon nighttime treatment.

A few cosmetic companies have recognized this dilemma and are creating lines of natural lip balm that offer the best of all worlds—safe, nourishing and one-step wonders for effortless beauty. One of the best out there is Beauty Cosmedics' ( aptly named Natural-Lip Balm, which was specifically formulated for those with chemical sensitivities.

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Beauty Cosmedics is a company dedicated to providing individuals with the best natural mineral makeup products through unique formulations using the highest quality ingredients and the latest advances in technology. Beauty Cosmedics is a staff favorite because of the natural, radiant look combined with healing, restorative and protective properties. Our staffers felt Beauty Cosmedics was a perfect compliment to their active lifestyles!
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