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Natural health and beauty products have become more and more popular over the last several years. A focus on organic or "green" living in general is behind the surging popularity of these products made from all natural ingredients. There are many reasons to turn to a natural regimen of health and beauty products. They are safer for our fragile environment, they are safer for your skin, hair and body, and by and large, they do not test their products on animals. Safety in general, is a big reason more people every year make the move to natural products for their health and beauty regimen.

Various herbs and plants have been used for healing for centuries. So it only makes sense that in this time of a return to a more simple way of life, we'd turn to natural health and beauty products. There are generally three different types of natural products. The first is classified as "100% Organic" and means the product is made entirely with natural ingredients. The second is simply "Organic" and means the product has about 95% natural ingredients in it. The third and final classification is "Made with Organic Ingredients." This last classification is a bit broad, as it could mean the product is made with 4% natural ingredients, or 44% or 84%. Make sure to read the labels of the product you're buying so you know exactly what you're getting.

It is important to consider what you put in your body, of course. We've all seen the legalese at the end of ads for pharmaceuticals and wondered if the cure was worth the associated risks and side effects. While natural health and beauty products are not regulated in the United States and can pose risks for some people, overall they are a much safer and healthier alternative. It stands to reason that our bodies can break down natural ingredients a whole lot faster than all those man-made chemical ingredients.

It is also important to consider what you put on your body. Natural health and beauty products do brisk business in the area of makeup and hair care. Bottom line, people have been using makeup and washing their hair for centuries. Long before there were chemical components to these products, natural products were the norm. From acne treatments to makeup to hair styling products, virtually any product you can find mass produced has a natural alternative.

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