Natural Burials Leave a Natural Impact on the Earth

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As people have become more aware of the carbon footprint they make on the earth while alive, it is only natural that thoughts would turn to the lasting impact made on earth after death. To these people, it doesn't make sense to be so careful in life about protecting the earth's natural resources, only to be buried in an expensive casket using precious wood and metals.

In fact, there is another concern naturalists have when it comes to traditional burial practices. In a conventional burial, the body of the deceased is filled with many chemicals that would not be touched or tolerated in life. The incongruity is simply not acceptable, and that is why cemeteries in Waukesha, WI have begun adapting sections of land that are devoted to natural burials.

A Lasting Impact

Each of us have a measurable carbon footprint created through the choices we make. These choices include the foods we eat, the type of clothes we wear and the chemicals we use for cleaning. The carbon footprint refers to the amount of natural resources used to make the products, and the lasting impact of our choices on the earth.

Now consider the amount of natural resources that are used to create a casket. There is the wood that has been processed using machinery that requires electrical power. The wood is then lacquered and brass handles and trim added. The lacquer and trim will endure for hundreds or even thousands of years in the ground.

Some families choose steel caskets which require even more energy to manufacture.

Don't forget the elaborate satin material that is used to line the casket for appearances only. This material is every bit as expensive and resource using as the satin that goes into making elegant gowns.

Of course, the conventional burial in a casket requires installation of a concrete tomb. Once the tomb has been covered up with dirt and grass, the grave is then maintained just like a house lawn. A number of weed killers, grass fertilizers and other chemicals are periodically applied.

The Right Impact

According to The Centre for Natural Burial (, 10 acres of the average cemetery contains enough wood to build at least 40 homes. There is over 20,000 tons of vault concrete. Buried in cemeteries across the nation is enough metal to reconstruct the Golden Gate Bridge! This doesn't even take into account the thousands of dollars traditional burials cost.

Cremation in Waukesha, WI is one option that enables a person to return to earth without requiring thousands of dollars. But not everyone is willing to consider cremation which makes natural burial in cemeteries in Waukesha, WI the ideal choice. A natural burial is one in which a body is laid to rest without the use of preserving chemicals and in a natural material container. There are no vaults and even headstones are designed to have the least impact on the environment.

The natural burial:

>>>Conserves natural resources

>>>Reduces the carbon footprint in death

>>>Doesn't require the use of noxious chemicals

>>>Enables the deceased to adhere to a life philosophy of protecting Mother Earth

Cemeteries in Waukesha, WI that offer natural burial locations understand the importance of being laid to rest in a way that celebrates how life was lived.

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