National Tariffs: The Prices are going only Southwards!

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A very progressive looking telecom policy, cut throat competition and a very healthy and sound infrastructure in the form of network services, dealers (both online and otherwise) all have ensured one outcome in the UK - very low prices for phone connections, calling time, etc.

This extends to international calls that you make from within the UK as well. Of course, the charges levied for calls made within the UK (county to county, for example) and those made from the UK to overseas destinations, say the USA, are different.

National tariffs govern the rates charged by individual service providers and dealer (online and otherwise). There is some leeway allowed to these service providers to vary the rates that they are charging without getting into some serious lowering of prices. As this may spoil the market and result in the whole industry getting into the red.

Generally speaking, most service providers charge, by and large, similar rates and offer discounts that may at face value seem different, but arrive at similar figures ultimately.

For instance, most calls or texts sent to mobile phones on the same network are free. While calls made to other UK mobile phones cost 10 pence per minute. Further, the prices vary from working days to what they are during weekends as well. With Lebara Mobile, you pay 5 pence per minute to calls made to UK landlines during the period Monday to Friday. And this figure goes down to 1 pence per minute during the week-ends.

You are even better looked after when it comes to sending text messages. Most texts cost no more than 10 pence to 25 pence depending upon their sizes. If you enjoy using the Internet on your phone, access is free for Lebara customers until 30th June 2010. If 10 MB of data does not satisfy your appetite, then you are required to pay an additional 15 pence for every additional MB of data that you are still sending.

Could you really have asked for a better deal?

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