Name This Bar - Oxforst Street, Sydney

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Simon Mercier is an entrepreneur and man of many tales. His latest journey leads him to opening a bar on the Oxford Street called Name This Bar. Being an opportunist he is living proof that if you dream it you can achieve it. I caught up with Simon to find out the story behind the bar, its obscure name and furnishing and how he came to where he is now.

The bar is located near Taylor Square with an inviting open window from which you can see the pleasantly shabby décor inside and a DJ playing late night beats under dim lighting. The DJ equipment is lit up by candles and lighting coming from the street. Apparently the bar opened before it was ready and having no name or concept to the bad Simon decided to ask the public for their ideas. "Im always open to new ideas and concepts" he said. "Normally when you open a bar everyone wants to have a say, whether you want them to or not everyone has their own ideas about how you should run the venue. Whether you should use DJ hire, or whether you should buy your own. This time I decided to listen to them and collaborate with them. So this is a collaboration of my own ideas, friends and people who walked in and offered their ideas."

Name This Bar is unlike any other bar in Sydney says Simon. "People aren't looking outside the square when opening bars. They're just going ok well use this DJ hire for all our nights in here or bring a couple of celebrities and stick them in the corner. I find that it gets really boring."

The bar reflects thiswith its mismatched furniture. "When I first bought this place I had recently broken up with my girlfriend and couldn't find a place to put all my furniture so I brough it all here. The table over there is actually my dining room table which I decided to leave in here. The rest was people bringing in their old furniture or me buying old pieces at garage sales or vintage shops." The DJ equipment is set up on a shabby looking table and according to Simon the vintage deep freezer, which now serves as a table surrounded by high stools, once belonged to a priest who stored his guns in it. "Because it had a lock on it this priest was legally allowed to store his rifles and guns in it" explained Simon. At night the venues prime lighting are candles rising out from the floor on tall, steel candle holders.

Similarily the events held at the bar reflect its décor. Being host to art battles, independent film nights and big club nights Simon likes to make sure his customers never get bored. "We're always thinking up new ideas. We are going to do a pizza shop here and a whole different style of food. I also bought two new tables to put in here yesterday. Im thinking about putting all the furniture in here up for sale so I can keep bringing in new pieces too."

This bar is perfect for after work drinks, dancing or even short movie nights. You name it and Simon grabs hold of the idea. Keep your eyes peeled for the exciting events coming up here.

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