Nail Polish and Nail Care

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The nails on your finger tips and toes are made up of a protein called keratin, eating healthy food is good for your general health and food with good levels of calcium ions (like yoghurt, milk, cheese, salmon, beans and spinach) and vitamin B (brown rice, whole grain cereals and soybeans) will help you to maintain healthy nails. The appearance of your nails can provide a good indication of your health to a doctor.

If you wear nail polish, remember to remove it before a maximum of three days after applying, keeping polish on your nails for longer than necessary may start to damage your nails. Using a nail file at a 45 degree angle to gently file your nails whilst wearing polish will prevent any splits or break occurring. When removing nail polish it is better to use an acetate based nail polish remover. Let your nails breathe from time to time using alternatives to polish, you could give your nails a natural sheen by rubbing petroleum jelly onto them and buffing them with a soft cloth.

There are many parts to your nail makeup including the nail matrix is the tissue upon which the nail rests, the lunula is the visible part of the matrix - the white crescent shape, hard section of your nail. The nail bed is the skin beneath the nail plate, the nail sinus is the deep furrow into which the nail root fits. The nail plate or the body of the nail is the most visible part of the nail along with the lunula is the area of the nail we apply nail varnish too.

The eponychium and cuticle form a protective seal of the nail, one method of looking after your cuticles is to soak them in warm soapy water for about five minutes, then apply cuticle cream and shape them using a cotton wool bud or a striptease cuticle remover and a cuticle oil pen.

Hard nails can often be soften by soaking them in warm olive oil for 20 minutes, stains can be removed by soaking the nails in a mixture of lemon juice and warm water for a few minutes. Remember to moisturise around the nail area and keep the hands as clean as possible. Once in a while get a pedicure and manicure to help maintain your nails, vibrant hues or creative patterns can be applied using nail varnish.

Nailsinc has a selection of high quality nail polish in a variety of colours for your style needs, choose from our range of products to help look after your nails so you can style and restyle them when and as you want.

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