Nail Care Essentials To Avoid Dry Fingernails

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Onychoschizia is common condition among women that characterizes dry, brittle nails.

This affliction is usually a result of low iron levels and a lack of calcium in the diet. Calcium is especially important in the health and maintenance of both nails and hair. Try eating calcium enriched foods, such as milk, dairy products, as well as increasing omega 3's with fish and other food to increase the natural oils and moisture in your nails.

Oddly enough, water makes the condition worse. Water often has a drying effect, therefore you should avoid exposing bare nails to water. Use rubber gloves to protect your nails, especially from hot water. Applying a moisturizing lotion or oil to your nails following a shower or bath will help condition your nails and keep them from becoming overly dry.

There are products on the market specifically made to protect and improve dry, brittle nails. Most of these products contain oils or strengthening fibres that moisturize and protect your fingernails. Many of them also help your nails grow. Once your nails return to a healthier state, you will notice less breakage, peeling and cracking.

Proper maintenance of nails includes being gentle when you shape or file your nails. Use an emery board as opposed to a nail file to prevent damage. Chips or breaks should be filed gently in one direction across the top of the nail to avoid splitting or breaking the nail. Back and forth filing actually damages your fingernails.

Night time is the easiest time to care for your brittle nails. Applying a moisturizer or special nail oil to your nails and covering your hands with cotton gloves before bed will increase the beneficial effects of the moisturizer. Rubber or plastic gloves don't allow your skin to breath and also might make your hands sweaty while you sleep, where as cotton gloves are breathable. Yes, cotton garden gloves will work just fine.

A well balanced and healthy diet is essential to healthy nails. So make sure eating right is part of your nail care routine, so you can enjoy strong, brittle-free nails.

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