Myths About Breast Enlargement Surgery

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There are lots of myths regarding breast enlargement surgical procedures.


Breast implants might mysteriously blow up whilst flying at altitude...
Silicone implants could deflate whilst scuba diving...
Seatbelts ought to not be worn with Breast Implants...
Breast Examinations are impossible after breast enlargement surgical procedures...

Now it is time to set the story straight on a number of these Breast Enlargement Myths!

Surgeons often hear the following common Misconceptions About Breast Implants:

One) It is unsafe to fly after breast enlargement surgical procedure with silicone breast implants.

- It is perfectly safe to fly in aeroplanes after breast enlargement surgery. However, surgeons do recommend that patients do not fly for at least two weeks following their procedure as both flying and operations have been linked to Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots in the legs). Following the two week period, lots of of patients do fly and actually have jobs involving frequent flying i.e. pilots and air stewardesses: they have not reported any issues with changing shape or rupturing implants due to flying.

Two) You cannot Scuba Dive with breast implants.

- Similarly, Scuba Diving has not been shown to have any negative impact on breast implants due to pressure changes.

Three) Wearing a Seatbelt is Unsafe following Breast Enlargement.

- Surgeons definitely recommend that all patients keep wearing seatbelts following their breast enlargement surgical procedure operation. This is important as any trauma to the area would be offset by any discomfort caused by wearing the seatbelt.

Four) Normal Mammograms are not feasible following Breast Enlargement.

- It is feasible to have a breast examination following breast enlargement surgical procedures as the breast implants sit behind the breast tissue and it is feasible to examine the breasts in the normal fashion for any lumps. In fact, it is sometimes simpler to locate any abnormal lumps after breast enlargement surgical procedures as the breast tissue is intact and pushed forward by the silicone breast implant. However, in the event you do need to have a Mammogram it is best to discuss the best type of mammography machine to be used in order to reduce the chance of causing trauma to the shell of your implant. Some earlier mammography machines did tend to compress the breast tissue and are therefore best avoided.

Overall, breast enlargement surgical procedures are the most often performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the United Kingdom.

Your breasts ought to feel and look normal following your surgical procedure: in no way ought somebody be able to tell that you have had breast implants.

It is possible for you to to resume all normal activities and exercise (including flying and scuba-diving!) although you should probably now wear a more supportive bra.

For more advice, please feel free to contact Aurora Clinics.

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