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While the Zoom Recorder isn't the very best handheld stereo recorder you can get I've seen a few professional models selling for 2 to 3 times as much. And even though its smaller in size (2.5 x 4.3 x 1.3 inches) the H2 Zoom has twice the number of onboard microphones as the others. Those are two reasons why they're selling a lot of them.

The Price

It's list price was a little over $300 when it came out and places have been selling it for well under $200 lately and sometimes even cheaper.

The best things about it are:

Best all-around bang for your buck

The four mic capsules are a feature only on this model.

Nice on your wallet and also small in your hand!

The disappointments are:

Small display screen

Built-in limiter is a little slow to react

One of the most useful features for me with this Zoom Recorder is that it records both MP3 and WAV formats… and in several different resolutions. Pro quality sound is available at 24-bit/96kHz when you need it. Use the low memory mp3 resolution for the not-so-important events and save that memory.

This H2 Recorder works well for:

1. Seminars and conference goers.

2. Professional media groups

3. Podcasters

4. Music concerts

5. Sessions for songwriters

6. Rehearsals for bands

7. Rehearsals for theatre groups

The front grill on the Zoom Recorder is retro looking and very reminiscent of the classic 40's microphone look. It's got enough of the important and useful features for most people, and even some cool, but not-so-important ones... unless you're a musician like me, in which case you'll also love the handy guitar tuner and metronome that are built-in.

Of course audio can be downloaded from it too. Sometimes in a little machine like this it can be difficult to do some of the editing tasks you eventually need to get done... but you can just plug it into your computer via the USB and edit away.

The unique W-XY microphone pick-up patterns work like this: a front 90 degree cardioid, a rear 120 cardioid and a360 degree polar pattern.

Now that's the Zoom Recorder's unique multi microphone feature we're talking about, the 4 mics that can produce various kinds of surround sound recordings. Put the H2 Zoom in the middle of a 3 piece band for instance and you would get a nice surround sound mix, drums in the back and guitars all around.

To complete this H series of small hand held recorders are Zoom's H1 which is the little brother with less features and a lower price tag and the big brother of the three being the H4 Zoom digital recorder.

I'm confident that this little digital recorder will give you the results you need and more.

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