My Kids Love to do Things for Themselves

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I was having so much fun with my new soda maker that I didnít really want to share. It was fun to make everybody a different beverage with so much ease. I went out and bought everybodyís favorite Sodastream flavors. Itís so easy and fun to do. My favorite thing about mixing is when the colored syrup begins to mix and bubble. I love to watch that! The kids enjoy that too. Who doesnít love bubbles and color? What Mom doesnít love to save money at the grocery store? I had a blast making all the beverages all the time.
Before I got my soda maker, I would spend, I mean waste a lot of money on different sodas for everyone in the house. It got completely ridiculous the amount of money that we actually spent on soda. Not only the cost, but the amount of cans and bottles we always had building up in the garage was ridiculous as well. At least we would take the aluminum cans to the recycling company and the kids would get some change and a couple two dollar bills for their piggy banks. I also donít miss looking for the soda sales at all the stores. Always looking and comparing prices and then lugging it all home to take up space in the pantry, usually on the floor.

Now, I have one shelf in the pantry that is designated for the syrups. Itís about three and a half feet up so itís the perfect height for the kids. I have gotten over the ďonly Mom can use itĒ phase, and taught the kids how to mix their own beverages. Why didnít I let them do it sooner? Oh well, the point is, all of my kids love to make their own drinks even the youngest at five years old. Heís so cute about it too. He thinks heís so grown up and he knows that he has to do it how he was shown how in order to not break it and always be supervised by Mom, Dad or the older siblings.
Anyways, the kids really like making their own drinks. They can mix the syrups however they want and the great thing about it is they are drinking so much more water now. Theyíre becoming more independent every day and I love to see that in my children. Whatís more is, they have discovered their own Sodastream recipes and have written them down with directions, names and all. They will be published online shortly once perfected. I just thought of another reason why I prefer to make my own carbonated beverage. I like the fact that Iím not supporting those huge name brand cola companies that have more money than their beverage is worth. They charge so much, advertise so much, they can afford to lose some customers to this great home soda maker. In fact, Iím sure they wonít even notice they have lost a few of their supporters. Probably doesnít make a dent in their pocket and thatís fine with me as long as I can always get parts and syrups for my soda maker.

Before I get too far off track, I think itís best to teach your kids things when they want to learn, as well as when they should of course, but it gives them a sense of being grown up. Most little kids love to feel like a grown up. My littlest one is the best at making my favorite recipe now and is my designated beverage maker, for soda that is. You know how it works if you have more than one child, they all want to make something for Mom or be Momís special helper. But thatís cool, I wouldnít have it any other way. The more they do things for themselves, the more they learn how to be successful in life.

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