My Gluten Free Motto: Be Prepared!

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Summer has finally arrived and it’s time for some ‘fun in the sun’ cookin’… gluten-free style of course!

I must admit that this is one of my favorite times of year for cooking, what with all the fresh ingredients available in the grocery stores and farmer's markets. The shelves are overflowing with fresh fruits and veggies and boy are they calling out to me, "Use Me, Use Me", which of course I love!

For me, summer is a more relaxed, creative, and spontaneous time of the year. But spontaneity works best if there is a little planning ahead of time - being prepared is a good thing. You just never know when your friends or family will be dropping by or when they will be calling you over for an impromptu gathering, the type of gathering which requires a spectacular dish in hand, of course. And whether you are asked to bring a dish or not, being gluten intolerant, it is always best to "be prepared" and arrive with something that you know you can eat and that will please others as well. Here is one of my favorite "quick and easy recipes", which is great for any of those unexpected calls, my Gluten-free Pistachio Pasta Salad.

We all know that summer brings with it an abundance of outdoor activities, like camping and field trips for the youngsters, a few beach or back yard parties for the teens, or maybe a few picnics along the way. Whatever the adventure, food is involved!

We also know that hotdogs, hamburgers, and potato salad are the favorite food for most of these activities. They can be easily bagged up and shipped off at anytime, to anywhere and everybody will be happy, right? Well not quite everybody… these old standbys just aren’t going to work for the gluten sensitive person.

But fear not you gluten free people, I have some great alternatives that you can prepare, bag up and take with you so that you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. And I will bet you, the hotdog and hamburger eaters will be checking out what you have!

Here are a few ideas:

Chicken is always a great alternative, whether you bag it up ahead of time with all your favorite flavors, or you take it to grill wherever you are going. If you are going to grill it up, here is a little tip…put it in a baggie with your favorite marinade before you leave home, and then enjoy the yummy flavors when it is finally grilled up.

This chicken can also be diced up to make a great chicken salad wrap (CLICK HERE), or made into a basic chicken salad sandwich made with gluten-free Kinnikinnick bread.

And for some great snackin’ side treats, it’s back to the fresh veggies and fruits…the more the merrier! Slice ‘em, dice em’, eat ‘em cooked, eat ‘em raw, whatever your preference, just load ‘em up.

Whatever the adventure for the summer, just be prepared with lots of great food fixings’ and everybody, gluten free or not, will eat healthier!

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