My Family IQ Honest Review - Helpful for Troubled Families and Troubled Bank Accounts ?

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In unmanageable ecomonic times like these being a parent and being married can be more stressing than ususal. Money stress can cause serious problems at home and can cause kin to feel estranged by their friends, causing them to rebel. I hope this Family IQ honest review will help you settle if you could use assisantce, and ameliorate your family life and your financial position.

This company Family IQ is a high ticket and residual income network marketing company that markets a personal and family counseling library. This 10 year old company has had their new marketing and compensation plan personally designed by headmaster distributor, Rod Stinson.

The top product for Family IQ is the family Builder Package. This optional All-Inclusive package. What is include are :FIQ License Fee, My FIQ Test (including eligibility for unlimited retakes), My FIQ Learning Plan, Life Minders Application, The Core 5 Program, Activities and Articles Library, E-Business Kit, 1 Personal Marketing Website, a Back Office, 1 Free FIQ Seminar, 1 Free FIQ Workshop, and 20 Product Point good toward the purchase of FIQ courses, tests, articles, and audio resources. An additional 20 FIQ Product Bonus Points are awarded when you sign up for the AutoOrder Program. You can also be a preferred customer and enjoy discounts on the products.

Here's the brief history on Family IQ. Family IQ was founded by Mark Hobbins (CEO) in 2001. He and his company have aided many thousands of people throughout the world fortify their families as they amend their own personal and parenting skills. Family IQ has been offered for the last ten years, chiefly through therapists and many treatment programs, According to the experts like Dr.Phil, Good Morning America, and The Tyra Banks Show Family IQ has changed thousands of people's lives. These life changing and family strengthening programs are now being offered directly to the general citizens over the internet and network marketing.

Mark created Family IQ with a dear job of building more fullfilling and stronger families. Now, to reach this, he believed that parents and families needed the right education and understanding far beyond the primitive articles available in magazines and over the Internet. Mark wanted to surpass both in the Family IQ quality of the content and its delivery to the consumer.

Now, with more than 2 decades of success in assisting families and with the assist of an prestigious group of family professionals, Family IQ content has gained the respectability of excellence. Just over 1.5 million dollars has been invested and over 200,000 courses and tests have been taken by many satisfied consumers who have gained more effectual parenting skills, superior relationships and happier families as a result is just the begining.

The Family IQ organization is set in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. The full-time support and staff can be reached by phone with Family IQ Mark Hobbins, the founder, has been on the Dr. Phil show and is called "The Best of the Best" by the great Dr. Phil himself in helping family's strengthen their parenting skills. The Family IQ company website is jam-packed with practical & important information and pointers for Moms and Dads. The Family IQ website is filled with testimonials, product descriptions, videos and even a product tryout.

My Honest Conclusion

The Family IQ company appears to be legitimate. They are a well respected company that offers a uncommon product where there's already proven to be a demand, and with no online competition at all. Sure, the start up cost may be out of reach for some but provides a very attractive comp plan that will attract many top marketers. To put it another way, it's cheaper than divorce attorneys and family counselors. One of the top multi-million dollar marketers is them on board is Rod Stinson, who wrote the comp plan and provides a marketing system and business opportunity webinars that all of his downline will have access to. Since I am a believer that people aren't duplicatable but systems definitely are, I think that starting out with this system in place will help more people make riches and the product will help many hurting families in need. This is a definite win-win situation for all.

Watch the BRAND NEW FamilyIQ Business Opportunity Video To Get All The Facts for yourself, go to

Brian Carnes is a Network Marketing Leader, Success Coach and Entrepreneur, and happy single father. He specializes in Lead Generation and Business Building Strategies that help the network marketer with their online marketing efforts. He works to help others create the home basedbusiness lifestyle!

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