My Experience With The Vegan Diet - How To Break Away From Bad Information

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The reason why I decided to give the vegan diet a try, was because I just could not find any solution to my ongoing problem with my acne. At that point, I tried everything from the products advertise on infomercials to "homemade acne recipes" but with no luck at all.

Just when I couldn't find a solution to this and start accepting the fact that I might have to live like this for the rest of my days, a friend of mine introduced me to this person, which happened to be a vegan.

He noticed what was going on with me (I mean it was obviuos) and recommended to try this diet. He told me I needed to detoxify my body and the best way to do it was through a vegan diet. Having run out of options, I decided to give it a try, as I had nothing to lose.

Trying the vegan diet for a couple of weeks, I saw changes going on with my body and skin. My skin started to heal itself and my body felt lighter and with more energy. Since then I have decided to stick with this diet.

But let me tell you that at the begininng it wasn't very easy to follow this diet. When I would search for some information regarding the vegan diet, I found that the information was very difficult to understand as it was very "scientific" or it was just way too simple, pretty much telling the reader that by only eating a good amount of veggies and fruits, a vegan should be doing good with the essential nutritional requirements.

Now with my experience with the vegan diet, I have discovered that the bad information mainly comes from people who wants to give you advice on something they do not have any experience on it, but thinks that because he or she heard something someone else said, and it made sense to them, it must be true.

It has happened to me several times when I commented to my friends and family about my decision to go vegan and heard comments such as: that doesn't work, you need meat for your protein, or you need to drink cows milk for your protein.

So my advice to you is just try it out for yourself and see the results. If you are satisfied with it, then stick to it until the end, if not, then just look for another solution. As for myself, I'm just glad I came across this diet.

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