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If you are one of those people who are always on the hunt for brandspanking new online games worth boasting to your friends, then you must have heard of End of Nations by now. End of Nations is a multiplayer online real-time strategy game a.k.a MMORTS released by Trion Worlds, which, in my humble opinion, is one of the most kickass game studios in the cosmos.

The game allows players to create a commander, who will lead a mostly ground army in various battles stretchin across the globe. The complex playing field is modeled after the real word, and “metagames” encourage large-scale mayhems between opposing teams for world domination, one sector at a time. Players may battle it out in Asia, or let their tanks roll across North America toward the opposing army’s bases in Cuba.

Though End of Nations still opens more rooms for improvements, Trion Worlds, however, has already made known its intention to turn this new game into a continuous series where one of the player-factions must seize a specific number of territories first, before it can finally hoist the victory flag. While this move could generate more gamers in the process, Trion Worlds still has a long way to go before its completion. There are still several aspects that need a careful perusal especially now that each sector of the game will have its own distinctive map tied to a specific location.

The fixed layout strategy permits gamers to familiarize themselves with the layout of each sector and formulate specific strategies for tackling that one map. Additionally, Trion Worlds is adding different-sized versions of maps to scale to different number of players. So it isn’t likely for one to run into scaling problems like having only four players play on a massive map, or having 15 players cram themselves inside a space intended for three. And just like in any other game, where there is a winner, there is a loser.

Winning factions, aside from their claimed territories, are entitled for some strengthening buffs, while the losing factions are appeased through “consolation” factors. In the end, after wars are fought, lands are seized, and winners are declared, the world map will reset and everything will be back to square one.

The conquest mode of End of Nations is likened to the Battlefield series wherein various key points can be captured by a player’s side by leading their army into the hotspots and waiting for their turn. Moreover, the sector maps also possess victory points and extra bonuses that can aid the players in their battle for victory.

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