Must know : the types of fire extinguisher beforehand on it.

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Fire extinguisher is the device to control small fire that ay be happened in home, office, school and malls. Fire extinguisher is not designed to fight a heavy fire. Normally, we use fire extinguisher as the first step to control a fire.
This device has a a cylinder mode with nozzles on top, it has small size depends on the types, most of them are light and small enough t be used for one person and also very handy with the red-colour which is very catchy.
Not the fire extinguisher is suitable with fires, as I told above the types of fire extinguisher is depend on burned materials, there are 5 kinds of fire extinguisher, make sure you choose the right one on hand. And here are I will explain about these 5 kinds of fire extinguishers:
• Class A
The class a of fire extinguisher is designed to fight a fire on rubber, paper, plastic and wood. This category is marked with green triangle, and the letter A attached on it and a picture of garbage can and a wood pile burning. It is usually used in home.

• Class B
The second type of this fire extinguisher is used to fight the flammable liquid and gasses, such as gasoline, solar, and hydrogen. This tube is marked with a red square with the capital letter of B attached on it, and the picture of fuel container and puddle burned.
• Class C
The third type is designed to fight a fire on electrical equipment. It has the same category with the class A.
• Class D
This type is designed to fight metal fires, like sodium, titanium, magnesium, steel, uranium and plutonium. As many people didn’t understand and unaware about how to fight these all materials, this class has marked with yellow star and the letter D on it with the picture of gear and bearing to make people aware that this fire is very dangerous.
• Class E
This last category is designed to fight cooking oils and fat. Normally we can find this class e of fire extinguisher installed in many civilization’s house and restaurants. This class E is marked with black hexagon and capital letter E on it also, a picture of frying pan burning.

Tips: do not fight the fires if it becomes heavy, just call the fire department, they are specialty to fight the fires. All we can do is just keep everything safe and be prepared for the worst thing that may happen.visit our blog to know more about fire preventing equipment and save your valuables with Brankas

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