Must have Traditional Foods of Indian States

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Must have Traditional Foods of 5 Indian States. Here is the list of some Traditional foods of 5 Indian states, must have, local dishes inhabitant to the 5 Indian states.

1. Andhra Pradesh


Gongura Pachadi is a delicious and spicy Andhra Pickle which is made from sorrel leaves. This popular Andhra dish is served with ghee, onion and a plate of rice.

2. GOA


Bebinca is a Traditional pudding Goa dessert, this elegant Bebinca consists of 16 layers which is served with a cold Ice cream.

3. Gujarat


Khandvi is a delicious Gujarati snack, Yellowish tightly rolled masticate pieces are typically made from gram flour and yogurt, tempered with sesame, mustard seeds and flavored with green chillies, sprinkled coconut and coriander.

4. Kerala


IRACHI ISHTU is a conventional breakfast of Keraleans, IRACHI ISHTU braise is made with chicken. This dish is served with appam or plain bread.

5. Punjab


MAKKI-ROTI AND SARSON-SAAG is famous traditional Punjabi dish. MAKKI-ROTI is a corn meal and SARSON-SAAG is a mustard green and glass of lassie.

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