Must Have Greenhouse Accessories – Seed Trays, Potting Trays and Shelving

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Once your Gabriel Ash greenhouse is fully assembled on its foundation, you are ready to furnish it with staging, shelving and accessories so that it is ready for plants. The main staple of a greenhouse is the benching, or staging, which provides of a waist-high slatted surface for plants to sit on. Staging also provides a convenient workspace for you to work on. The best location for greenhouse staging is on the side that gets the least sun so that you have a clear space to install blinds for shading the greenhouse. Once you have your staging in place, you can add other accessories to maximize the effectiveness of your greenhouse space. Gabriel Ash has a variety of accessories that will match the design of your greenhouse and help you get the most out of your greenhouse.

o Seed Trays
Gabriel Ash has seed trays made from the same Red Cedar that is found in the structure of their greenhouses. These attractive seed trays are sold in packages of three, and they measure 384mm x 244mm, which is the perfect size to hold most plastic seed trays. They are jointed at the sides and held together with stainless steel pins. The cedar frame complements your greenhouse nicely, and its insulating properties help keep seedlings and cuttings warm for optimum growth of roots.

 Potting Trays
Gabriel Ash's attractive high quality potting tray is made with a base made from rolled aluminum that helps contain soil while potting young plants. This potting tray measures 675mm x 565mm, which makes it fit conveniently on standard-sized greenhouse staging. Its solid cedar sides match the staging and frame of the greenhouse.

 Shelving
Installing shelving in your greenhouse can help you expand your growing area by providing you with another surface upon which to place your plants. Shelving is usually placed above the greenhouse staging and is an excellent place to put sprouting seeds and rooting cuttings because the air is warmer higher up in the greenhouse. Gabriel Ash sells solid cedar shelving to fit every greenhouse that they design, or you can have it made precisely to fit in the case of a bespoke greenhouse design. Like greenhouse staging, shelving is best installed along the side of the greenhouse that sees the least amount of light to prevent it from interfering with blinds that you may want to install.

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