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Most of us are not that knowledgeable I recording. Despite some of us having aspiration to produce some, music, we have not yet understood how the concept behind the music industry works. You find that the mixing of music is done in a simpler looking style. Mixing music is not just about having several CD’s, it’s about making the crowd engaged. For this reason, there are DJ’s who earn thousands of dollars and in fact depending on this as a source of living. The definite art of mix involves you knowing what it takes to engage the crowd involved as well as engaged. The basics determine what will make you in future be able to outline the other people, whether due to a celebration or a public occasion or any of the like occasions.

In or out of box: mixing comprises of terms like ‘in the box’ or ‘out of the box’. The in the box when doing a mix on music means mixing the whole songs within the computer. Using a specific program or using pro tools. Out of box mixing mans that you are using an outboard or a mixing board to d your stuff. The problem comes in understanding what the other funs needs. You have to ensure that everyone s given part of what he or she likes. There are those who are good in reggae, there are others who are inseparable with soul and others RnB’s and thus it may be difficult to ensure that everyone feels at home.

However, too much of something is poisonous and the same applies when you want to mix music. If you want to make people have a kick back, give in small amounts-bits by bits.

Elements of mix music

Am assuming that you will be mixing a two-track stereo as the final product which will make funs have a kick back, there are certain thing which you will have to watch for;Stereo mixing will represent you listening using two years of your head. But if you are using a mono recording which is common with most of other djs’, you will notice a common variance with the recording since it has more depth; it sounds like a single-dimension. Since you want to find ways to use panning function on the individual tracks to bring clarity, focus and the engagement of the funs after you have recorded the music, having a wide know how of the operation will help you see far.

Drums mixing

People have never understood that drums mixing is a part of learning how to mix music.whe you want to mix the terms in original stereo, you have to look at the drummers perspective as well as the funs perspective. But remember, you have more weight attached to funds that anyone else since they are the ones who ‘owns’ the song.Stay centered: this is the key to seeing the funs having a kick back to listen to the flow of the music. You don’t want to have people hanging, be focused at all times. When you are centered, you get tall the information you require about what the funs wants and how you can deliver that best.

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