Musical Christmas Gifts!

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Musical Christmas Gifts!

There are 3 main reasons why kids want to start a band…

1.) The Von Trapp family
2.) School of Rock
3.) Because their mum and dad want them to be like the Von Trapp family

Most mums and dads cower at the thought of bringing instruments such as guitars and drum kits into the house. Factors like noise, cost and space are the main down points for such a musical venture. Not any more! bring you some fantastic Christmas gift ideas that will get the whole family rocking with space-saving, unique musical instruments.
The V Beat Air Guitar is a futuristic version of an electric guitar with 4 different guitar sounds, background melodies and more! Simply attach the amplifier pack to your belt and strum your invisible strings. Air Guitar also has the ability to produce a Tremolo effect and power chords that should have Slash quaking in his top hat. Because the guitar is so compact and lightweight it is an ideal Christmas gift for storing away or travelling with. No bulky guitar cases here! You can play to your hearts content and then shove your guitar in a draw when you're finished.

So what about the bass? Unfortunately there is no Air Bass Guitar, so we bring you the simplistic beauty of… The Musical Ruler. Yes, those heady days of boinging your shatterproof ruler on your school desk can now be relived thanks to this unique musical instrument. The creator Dan Wieden has cleverly figured out the musical note sounds at each point and has marked them on the ruler so that you can play tunes. Can you measure your collection of cat figurines with a bass guitar? No. Simple, effective and highly addictive, we have now found our bass.

Now we need the drums to keep a beat and someone who looks like Tico Torres to play them. Finger Drums is the ideal drum kit for as musical Christmas stocking fillers. This miniature set of drums is touch-sensitive and has the ability to record or play back and if you are really lazy, a demo function. Use your fingers as drum sticks and create sweet music with this awesome Finger Drums Kit. You can even go tropical with the Steel Finger Drums version! Clang out your favourite reggae tunes on mini steel drums or press the demo button for less effort. If you are feeling extra creative and like touching yourself, then why not use our Bongo Drum T-Shirt and keep the beat on your chest!
Lastly are the melody drivers, the voice of the music in which to tell the story and sing the song. Piano, strings…or Stylophone! That's right, the instrument that David Bowie wrote Space Oddity on is back in all its monotone glory. This time, you can change the vibrato, pitch and choose between 3 organ styles. Glissando your way through Christmas classics in one swoop of your Stylophone stick. An ideal Christmas gift for Rolf Harris fans and retro music lovers alike, the Stylophone synthesiser will add a touch of nostalgia to your music. Twin it with our Musical Fingers Piano Gloves to soften the melody and create a duet of harmonious nonsense as you batter out a highly customised and unrehearsed version of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The Piano Gloves are worn like standard gloves, with each finger playing a musical note, you can move up and down octaves at the flick of a wrist and use any flat surface as your piano.

With your band now complete it is up to you to practise, come up with a band name and not fight over who is going to play the Musical Ruler. You know everyone fancies the bass player…

Jessie Jones
Find Me A Gift

Because giving feels good......
Jessie Jones joined Find Me A Gift in May 2008 and has been writing fabulous articles for us ever since!

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