Musicains And Tartan

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It's not just Scots who love to wear tartan! For many musicians and bands the plaid is an integral part of their on-stage persona, as this article will explore tartan is worn by born and bred Scots, those who have Scottish ancestory and some just because it looks great!

During her 2001 world tour Madonna worn a tartan mini-kilt which had been designed for her by Jean Paul Gautier, Robbie Williams and Fran Travis, lead singer of Travis are also big kilt fans.

Eddi Reader, of Scottish band Fairground Attraction spoke of her connection to her Scottish 'I wanted to do a traditional album that related to the Celtic and Scottish music that I'd heard bits of throughout my life, from leaving school and going to Kilmarnock folk club, through all the folk clubs in Scotland to busking and street singing.'

Jonny Cash discovered that his family history could be traced all the way back to 12th century Scotland and King Malcolm IV of Scotland, . He was aware of the connenctions bewteen country and celtic music as his daughter puts it "going back into his celtic past made him realise that this was where he derived his tone of voice'. Whether Cash worn a kilt on his visits to Scotland is unclear, but if he did he would probably have worn the 'cash' tartan.

Beach Boy star, Geln Campbell was so taken with his Scottish ancestory he decided to work with Scottish favourite, Travis on one of his albums. Campbell is clearly proud of his Scottish ancestry 'My dad Wesley Campbell was born in the Borders… I love to visit Scotland because it was my family birthplace and my ancestors all come from there. Scotland gets in your bones - I can feel it every time I go there'

And of course we couldn't forget Elvis! According to historian Allan Morrison, Presley's ancestors can be traced all the way back to 18th century Scotland to a village in Aberdeenshire

" he is an enduring icon and we would be delighted to welcome Elvis fans here to search out his roots" said a representative from the Aberdeen tourist board.

At the Gathering which showcased pipe bands the performers as well as the majority of the 50,000 strong crown was proudly wearing plaid. A wonderful sight on the day was military bands wearing full regimental dress - the key component being a kilt. The site of 8000 pipers and drummers performing in plaid at the 2010 World pipe Band Championship was breathtaking - all decked out in their best Highlandwear!


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