Music Review: Lafangey Parindey

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Lafangey Parindey! What kind of a twisted name is that for a film? Ruffian Birds, if that's the nearest translation of the movie title.

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Deepika Padukone, who are the lead actors of the film, hardly fit that mould. Or till they prove us wrong. Here's the music of the film, by a newbie R Anandh, whose music is on the tip of his wings, or not?

The title track then opens like the Mission Impossible theme - only much slower in tempo, and then spirals into heavy metal. A new singer Ronit, adds zing to it, and backed by a robust chorus, the song is in place with the rebellious spirit of its title.

Mann Lafanga, by Mohit moody Chauhan, is what he does best. Hangs a harp on a tree and lets the breeze lilt music as he coos like a bird perched aside. You'd want to sit along with him and watch the sunset; pluck some leaves, break some twigs, peel an orange, playfully spritz each other's eyes with orange zest…mann lafanga things you know.

Dhatad Tatad - whatever that means, is an ideophone to state a sense of urgency in a musical tone. Reminded me of the expression ‘tabad-tod' as the song has a comic rhythm, and has to be seen on-screen to be a part of its mad hullabaloo.

Shilpa Rao sings Nain Parindey like mist over sea, a carouse spirit swirling in the freedom of its lightness. The lyric mirrors our mute feelings and her voice gives an emotional chord to the chasm in between. This track is here to stay.

Singer Suraj Jagan's Rang Daalein borrows snatches from the title track but does not seem to get past that as its own new song, and works only as a patch to the original title track. A line goes, ‘Suraj ko phoonkh maar maar kar bujha dein.' What an irony, that a singer called Suraj, has to ‘phoonkh phoonkh maaro' into a mic to be heard on a be-rang song. The song suffers from a ‘Goli maar bheje mein' hangover.

The instrumental Born To Fly is eerily reminiscent of Michael Jackson's Earth Song in its opening bars, but thankfully, after a minute into it, it wants to be A R Rehman's baby from his soundtrack for Warriors of Heaven and Earth, and then…I lost track. Born To Fly has ambition, and soars, if only on borrowed musical wings.

Surprisingly, for this Yashraj product, there's nothing on the soundtrack which is dhinchak- dhamaal, the way, say, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was, full - blast. Then again, not every parinda is lafanga, and this flock of songs beat to a drum, not dhol.

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