Music Business Today - Make Beats You Own

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Thanks to technology producers can make beats or produce computer bands. However, years ago, the music business was ran by the large record labels. The record labels ran absolutely everything in a performer's career from beginning to end. The major record label would manage the artist look, radio play, royalties, and achievements while under the record label. When the musician's career was finished, the artist usually didn't have anything to show for their sweat and accomplishments.

In the past, the record company would pay for the artist's expenses up front in the form of an advance. The funds often amounted to a loan which had to be repaid. The record company would pay for the distribution and marketing of the producer's project and then repay themselves the funds loaned once the project started selling. Maybe it seems objective on the face of it, the record company often would charge the artist for a lot higher than what the record company provided. The record label wouldn't only charge the musician for the things mentioned earlier, but also would subtract artist royalties for damaged records, group reductions and many other of other costs. In addition the record label would recoup these charges from the producer's total revenue.

Although the record company would let an artist to review the record company's books, a number of producers didn't conduct any reviews of the books. Artist's were usually leery of pissing off the record labels by requesting the record labels to account for the expenses and charges in writing. This justifiable uneasiness held artists in their place - under the record labels' control. Technology has changed this. Today with digital technology, the dominance has shifted into the hands of the artist. The new order in the music business has record companies sweating in the boardroom. Today due to Computer Technology, artists can start a record label and have a recording studio on their laptop. Now it is easy for artists to record their own beats. There are a number of complimentary or low cost studio recording software applications that lets an artist to make and promote their own material with out the help or hindrance of a major music label.

A musician can easily upload and distribute their CDs and MP3s online at hundreds of web sites. Also there are many new internet hosting services that allows an artist to get a site devoted to advertising and selling their music to the increasing online network. There are numerous of musicians creating beats and earning a living pitching their songs online. If you sold 5,000 for a record label you would be in the hole and you would probably be released from the record label. By selling your own songs, you rule over your future. Today producer doesn't have to be scared of any record label. Today the power is in the hands of the producers.

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