Murals By Jericho: For The Preservation Of Sacred Spaces

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Every mural designer answers to a rich tradition—one that goes beyond the simple decoration of walls with painted images of biblical scenes. To the inheritor of such a tradition, art necessarily belongs to a sacred space and is intended to evoke faith and adoration by making the invisible, visible. To the mural designer, the purpose of art is also to lift the hearts and minds of the pious to the transcendent mystery of God.

Murals by Jericho is an artistic partnership dedicated to just such a purpose. Combining the talents of artists Andrew Hatterman and Robert Hill, this mural designer has declared its fundamental aim as the revival of the traditional role of the mural designer and restore the traditional relationship between the artist and the church.

Encapsulating the best elements of religious art from the middle ages and renaissances, Murals by jericho has a wide repertoire that is reminiscent of the religious paintings of El Greco and Titian. The works of Murals by Jericho combines the elegance, refinement, and ecstacy that have been such a prominent feature of traditional mural design. In all of the murals painted by this mural designer, the life of Christ is captured in an elegant and moving manner. It is little wonder, that this Peoria, Illinois-based mural designer has a large and appreciative audience.

Murals by Jericho has a vast portfolio. The past projects of this esteemed mural designer include designed liturgical furnishings, stained glass, and inlaid stone flooring. In addition, Murals by Jericho also offers interior decoration consultancy, as well as the selection of colours and materials that compliment the overall design and provide a unified interior decorative scheme.

In addition, the portfolio of this renowned mural designer includes the restoration of existing artwork. Murals by Jericho has also restored a number of antique items purchased from third party resources.

Through its unique hand-painted murals, Murals by Jericho has become an extremely sought-after mural designer.

With murals that capture the passion, agony, and ecstasy of Jesus in a manner comparable to the old masters, it is easy to understand why. If you believe that representations of the divine is supposed to evoke emotions of a higher nature, Murals by Jericho is the mural designer for you.

Finally, Murals by Jericho is more than just a mural designer. In the larger picture, this collaborative partnership is a vital link in a long chain of tradition connecting the human to the divine.

To find out more about this esteemed mural designer, visit

Murals by Jericho is a partnership between artists Andrew Hattermann and Robert Hill. They are dedicated to restoring the traditional relationship between the artist and the Church. To find out more visit

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