Multiplexes lead to take off in the growth rate of the entertainment industry

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The business of entertainment has really taken off of late. And this has been made possible by the multiplex division within it. Multiplexes having replaced the single screen Cineplex have mushroomed in all corners of the metropolitan cities and are also catching up in the smaller tier 2 cities. Multiplexes offer an experience to the cine lovers and other visitors which are quite distinct from the Cineplex world and thus it holds a clear advantage over the latter.
In fact, it may be stated that multiplexes provide complete and wholesome entertainment as it has on offer something or the other for everyone. Integrated entertainment is the basic idea behind a multiplex. A few of the basic reasons that have led to the popularity of multiplexes are as follows:
1. Wide ranges of choices: multiplexes provide entertainment to the entire family. A multiplex consists of a number of movie screens and are thus able to screen more than one movie simultaneously which are run in different auditoriums in the same building. Thus each one can watch a movie of their choice.

2. Comfort: a multiplex also makes the movie watching experience a lot more comfortable as the seats and the audi is comfort oriented and well equipped.
3. Food courts: then there is also the food court in multiplexes which provides hygienic food of the best quality. The cuisines on offer too are wide ranging.
4. Gaming zones: there is also the gaming area that is set up for kids in a multiplex. Here, the kids can enjoy themselves playing a number of different games such as video games, bumpy cars, battle tanks, bowling, snooker and other carnival games.
5. Shopping: there are a number of branded retail outlets in a multiplex that provide the visitors with a great shopping experience. And shopping is something that everyone indulges in.
6. ATMs: most of the leading banks also have an ATM of their set up in a multiplex.
7. Parking space: it is one of the major reasons why people flock to a multiplex. The large parking areas reduce a lot of botheration and trouble for vehicle owners for whom finding any parking space for their car is a big-big problem.

Thus we see that because of the various benefits that the multiplexes provide its visitors with, it has become the primary choice of destination for most of the moviegoers.

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