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Revised Edition was the 3rd edition and 4th printing of Magic: The Gathering. This card set named Revised because it was the first Core Set with revision to the list of cards.

A lot of confusion frequently surrounds the order of the original card sets and its labelling. The first printing of Magic was known as Alpha, a black bordered set with special rounded corners. The second printing of Magic, however, is called Beta which contained the same card list save for a couple minor changes pertaining to fixing mistakes in the original printing. Beta also had a black border but did away with the rounded corners found in Alpha. Beta was the first Magic set to utilize, what became, the standard card shape. Alpha and Beta are mostly lumped together as "Alpha/Beta" together are considered the first printing of Magic Cards. Unlimited followed as the third actual printing and contained the same card as Alpha and Beta but had a white border.

Alpha, Beta and Unlimited contained the highly sought after Power 9 cards, together with the most important and original Dual Lands. Revised edition also had a white border but had a very unique list of card than Alpha, Beta and Unlimited. The revision in the 3rd edition, or merely called "Revised" included the exclusion of quite a few exceptionally powerful Cards (the Power 9) and contained the reprinted cards from the Antiquities and Arabian Nights sets. Revised was the very last set to include the Sol Ring, the original Dual Lands, and other extremely powerful cards from the original printings of Magic and is still considered to be a typical and playable set in contrast to Alpha, Beta or Unlimited. As time goes by, the Dual Lands persist to rise in worth and Sealed Booster Packs obtain a good value.

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