MTG Merchant Mox Sapphire

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In the most primitive Core Sets of Magic and even prior to expansion sets. Magic The Gathering, known as "Core Sets" have presented several exceptionally powerful cards. What I'm referring to is no other than the Power 9 Cards which considered as the most powerful individual cards in the entire game. These cards were printed in Unlimited, Beta, and Alpha Editions and were also the first to be discontinued in the Revised Edition. They are considered as valuable as none of the Power 9 cards will ever be reprinted.

Five out of the nine Power cards are Moxes. Each Moxes has mana color, like Mox Sapphire that produces blue mana, Mox Jet which produces black mana; Mox Pearl also produces white mana, Mox Emerald produces green mana, while Mox Ruby produces red mana. For beginners, the Moxes, just like any other mana cards would often be considered as an ordinary basic land cards. On the other hand, these game cards carry particularly high prices and are considered to be exceptionally best mana producing cards in the game. However, Black Lotus of course is still considered as the most power game card as of the present.

One advantage of Moxes is that they are considered as an artifact producing mana, meaning they entail no mana when you play them just like other basic land cards, but remember regarding the one land per turn limit where you can play 5 Moxes on your first turn, plus a land card? Can you image this strategy you can do with Mox Cards? It's absolutely worth to buy one!

Written by Webster Reinhardt. Find more information on Mox Sapphire

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