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Magic: The Gathering or MTG is a valuable game card created by Richard Garfiel, a mathematician and was then introduced by Wizard of the Coat in 1993. Land cards are one key aspect of playing Magic: The Gathering. It is also considered as a card type in existence. Lands are regarded as the base for Magic mainly because lands are used to create the magic energy of mana at no cost except by tapping.

Mostly, basic land cards are used that simply include a mana of a certain color. These land cards are quite important to playing Magic, but give no special additional value to any card deck. However, there are also non-basic lands that tender an infinite range of possibilities.

Lands are mainly used for mana, but more often these cards have other abilities. There are certainly 5 basic land types; these are Plains, Island, Forest, Mountain and Swamp. On the other hand, there are a lot of non-basic lands printed out but the most famous of them all are the Dual Lands which were printed in Alpha, Unlimited, Revised and Beta. In addition, there have been many dual land type lands that were printed out during the Magic Expansion Set's vast selection.

In multi-colored deck, these other dual land cards may be used together with the Dual Lands' original to produce many varied possibilities for fast mana. There are also other kinds of non-basic lands that offer many other options, this include the Library of Alexandria from Arabian Nights and Tolaria Academy from Urza's Saga.

Tolarian Academy land card is the best legendary land, as well as, the best land card of all time. This card belongs to the Urza's Saga and is mostly used for some of the biggest MTG combos. This game card can even make its players really crazy! Yes, it does. It also produces mana, but often makes one blue mana for each artifact one played.

In type 1 control deck, Tolarian Academy lands are predominantly powerful cards which use Black Lotus and Moxes. The technique here is to draw several game cards in your first hand along with Tolarian Academy. Once a player draw 4 Moxes game cards on their first hand with the Tolarian Academy, you would certainly obtain not only 2, 4 or 6 but you'll absolutely get 8 usable mana on your first turn!

The Library of Alexandria is a powerful Magic card that is often overlooked. It was nicknamed as the cheating machine as it allows you to drain game card for crying out loud, no wonder it is the best card ever printed. Also, it offers diverse possibilities totally. But when you first look at it, you cannot simply say that it is a special game card to play. However, this card is considered by Vintage and many Type I players to be the "10th Power 9 Card".

The Library of Alexandria adds one colorless mana or permits you to draw a card if you by now have in your hand 7 game cards. This is only possible either on your turn or your opponents turn to play. Once you have done this smartly, you will mostly be able to play 2 game cards in every turn and have 7 cards in your hand continuously. This then produce an extensive range of possibilities and hasten any card deck.

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