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Foil cards are premium Magic: The Gathering cards that have a "silky" or foil finish to them. All foil cards are mostly black-bordered, to include those game cards from core sets, with exemption to Unhinged, a tournament-prohibited set, which were printed white borders. Foil cards on the average, can be obtain 1 in 70 chances when bought in a booster pack. In general, this is equivalent to 1 in 6 booster packs or 6 or seven per box of Magic cards.

The first set to feature foil cards in booster packs is the Urza's Legacy Expansion set. On the other hand, the earliest widely-available "glossy" premium card is called the Lightning Dragon, as this Magic card was the first to be given away at the pre-release of Urza's Saga, the sixteenth Magic expansion released in October 1998 and the first set in the Urza block.

Once a booster pack contains a foil cards, it is utilized to take the place of cards normally found in that rarity like for example in the card Shared Triumph which is considered a rare card, if there was a foil version included in a pack it would take place the card found in the rare set. In all of the set beginning from Time Spiril, regardless of the rarity of foil card, a foil card take place a common card. In other words, you will have great chances of obtaining 2 Rares in an individual booster pack including one regular and one foil rare.

Foil cards have high value to most Magic: The Gathering game cards and have an additional whole new element to Magic: The Gathering collecting cards. Many game collectors are very interested and will then seek out the foil card version of non-premium cards which they may not have on the other hand been interested in. In many circumstances, the foil version of a valuable game card is estimated to be worth twice the value of the non-foil printing cards.

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